Tea ingredients

China is the world's first discovery of tea, tea and tea cultivation of the country. There are tea has a history of six or seven million years on earth, while the tea is being used but only four years the discovery of human.
The earliest recorded mention of tea is called "Book of Songs", the tea for tea, until the Tang Dynasty Lu Yu, in the "tea" tea will go to a cross, as tea, this tea really has its own name.
At present, our tea drinking habits, as well as the tea making method, the name of a lot of tea is basically in the Qing Dynasty and the period after the stereotypes.
Some research, "Dr. tea tea is also a scholar", "Scholar" means the meaning of expert players. At present, the doctor is also a professional in the University, the scholar, but also in line with the origin of the word dr..
Modern people use scientific means, in tea and tea decomposition of about 500 kinds of substances, most of which are organic, inorganic about 20 kinds. Most of these substances are beneficial to the human body. These substances can be roughly pided into such categories:
1 alkaloids.
2 tea tannin.
3 aromatic compounds.
4 vitamins.
However, we should be clear that the material contained in tea, although many types, but the dose is very small, so the role of the human body is often very weak and slow.
In tea, more than 40 kinds of trace elements can be analyzed. The effects of these elements on the human body are very different. Some human need, some have no interest in what not essential, and some have not been found what harm, some is harmful to human body, such as cadmium, lead. Of course, the content of these trace elements are very small, different gold content of tea is also different, and the varieties of tea, origin, picking season, tea making method are related. Generally, tea foam should not be a long time, long bubble extraction in tea aroma, not too much, on the human body is more harm than good.
Contemporary science and technology has been very developed, but we judge the tea, and ultimately rely on the intuition of the senses, all kinds of machines, instruments, end use. In the sense of the people, the difference is greater, so if someone told you that a tea is good or bad, you do not believe that your senses tell you is true.