Two kinds of Qigong exercise to prevention before disease on

Through the movement of limbs and body Qigong can promote the meridian flow, and the use of breathing and mind regulating qi and blood circulation, so as to achieve weight loss, skin care, and prevention of various diseases, therefore, qigong plays an important role in the "preventive treatment of disease".
Two kinds of Qigong exercises:
The dynamic reactive power
The first step: arms and abdomen. Lying in the back of the head to the mat, natural straight arms, hands buckle, arms ears shrink abdomen, the scapular upward repeated 25 to 50 times.
The second step: the abdomen hips. Lying on the floor, his hands flat on the floor or the arms close to the chest in his knees, making them into 90 degrees shrink abdomen, buttocks off the ground so that the legs move upward movement range is very small, only the hip, without shaking legs, repeat 25 ~ 50 times.
The third step: left and right ridge. Lying on the mat, hands on the abdomen, the left lower limb was like walking down the stretch, the activities of paraspinal muscles, repeated 25 to 50 times.
The first step: breath. Also called pranayama". That is decomposed into suction, stop, breathe slowly and call three stages and mix thoroughly, make steady breathing. Conditioned reflex nasal respiration nasal suction, gas sink dantian. When breathing, the brain must be conscious of induction, the gas sink Dantian, gradually, patiently conditioning.
The second step: omphaloskepsis. Also known as the "heart", namely in the mind activities, to imagine a five inch intra-abdominal umbilical at Qihai point as the center to form a spherical, to focus on ideas, eliminate distractions. The meaning should be natural, not to defend, also can not be strong, should be like to keep watch. The better the more static effect, stable quiet half sleep state, the higher nervous center played a protective inhibitory effect, combined with natural and gentle visceral activities, so that each part of the body function returned to normal physiological state. When you practice breathing, you should keep your breath, and feel the gentle, natural, comfortable and smooth breathing".
The third step: slow closing. Finished not to rush up to the navel as the center, with a hand on the navel, another palm stick in the hand on the back of his hands at the same time, to the navel as the center from the inside out, rubbing, ascending slowly circled, the left thirty ring. After a short pause, and then from outside to inside, from large to small circle, turn right thirty times, to the navel stops, is closing. Then you can move your body at will, but don't do strenuous exercise.
Note: the correct understanding, to really improve the effect of false existence, follow the guidance, persevere grasp the essentials of step by step, pay attention to summing up, anti detours.
Practicing asceticism to a certain extent, will feel a warm gas gas gathering, storage in the true sense. Extending to customers, back to rise after a long, Du Meridian Jiaji, Baihui, jade and so on, go down along the meridian, Ren from "Tanzhong" back to "Dantian points", appeared by Ren and Du cycle feeling small Sunday circulation. Further exercise, it can appear along the body's twelve meridians and the eight extra meridians circulation feel Sunday circulation. This practice, people can feel the body meridian smooth, full of go.
Needs to be emphasized is that the static and dynamic reactive power should be combined with each other, and to persevere in training, in order to achieve the best effect. The dynamic reactive power through the blood to make Shujinhuoluo motions through consciousness induced respiration can run in both directions unblockedly, will gather to Qi Dan Tian, run body combination, played a total of illnesses, fitness, weight loss, skin effect.