The method of Moxibustion therapy

Moxibustion is made use of moxa moxa cone, moxa lit, in the body of the corresponding points on the implementation of moxibustion, with warm stimulation, through the meridians and acupoints, in order to achieve a purpose of the methods of prevention and cure.
Method of making a moxa stick,
The main material for moxibustion moxa, moxa leaves processed by. The sun at the May wild grown leaves, the wind
Dry after placement in the room after 1 years of use, this is called ripe Vintage ai.
Take ripe Vintage AI to remove impurities from crude stem, rolling crushing and sieving, removing the tip chip, white filaments then rolled into velvet. When new leaves can be fully dried, more rolling several times, to rub it rotten as cotton is a moxa.
1 moxa cone
The amount of moxa in the flat disk, with food, and thumb into a cylindrical shape for moxa cone. Moxa pinch more better, according to the needs, can be made into a large, broad bean moxa thumb, wheat 3, known as the large, medium and small moxa cone.
2 of the moxa roll
The amount of moxa with both hands pressing strips, hard and soft to moderate, for the benefit of carbon burning is appropriate, then placed about 5.5 cm wide, 25 cm of mulberry paper or cotton paper, then rolled into cylindrical surface, finally paste paper edge bonding, both ends of the paper that is made of compacted, ca. 20 cm, about 1.5 cm in diameter of the moxa roll.
Fabrication of 3 spacers
In the interval of the operation, selection of spacers of different needs, such as fresh ginger, garlic, mashed garlic, medicine etc.. Prior to the application of moxibustion should be prepared in advance. Fresh ginger, garlic wash and cut into about 2-3 mm thick slices, and in the middle of ginger, garlic with acupuncture needle or fine needle into the sieve hole, to facilitate ventilation thermal moxibustion. Mashed garlic, onion mud, mud earthworm shall be washed after smashed into the mud. The bottle should choose corresponding drugs crushed into powder after rolling, with Yellow Wine, ginger juice or honey mixed into plastic Griddle Cake shape, also need to prick a sieve in the middle after application.
Two, moxibustion method
1, direct moxibustion: is the appropriate size of moxa cone moxibustion, placed directly on the skin. If you need to burn the skin when the treatment of purulent burns, scars after leaving the scars, known as scar moxibustion. If you do not burn the skin fester, do not leave scars, known as non scarring moxibustion.
(1) scar moxibustion. Aka huanongjiu: first the Moxa Moxibustion acupoint, coated with a small amount of garlic juice, to increase adhesion and stimulation, and then placed in the appropriate size of moxa cone points, fire ignited moxa cone moxibustion. Each must be strong moxa burn, remove the ashes, can continue to live and easy to be defined and the number of moxibustion, moxibustion. When the fire moxibustion on the skin, it can cause great pain, this can hand in the moxibustion acupoints around gently to relieve pain. Under normal circumstances, 1 weeks after moxibustion, moxibustion parts forming purulent moxibustion sore, 5-6 weeks, sore to heal itself, leaving scar knot crazy after falling off. Clinically used in the treatment of asthma, chronic diseases such as tuberculosis, scrofula.
(2) no scar moxibustion. In the first Moxa Moxibustion acupoint coated with a small amount of Vaseline, in order to facilitate the adhesion and size of moxa cone, suitable in the light of moxa cone, Acupoint Moxibustion, moxibustion on burning when left 2/5 or 1/4 patients felt slight burning, can be easily released again moxibustion. If you use grain big moxa cone moxibustion, when the patients feel pain when the doctor used the forceps handle will then continue to extinguish the Moxa Moxibustion, translocation, according to the provisions of the number of strong moxibustion. General should moxibustion to the local skin without bubble as blush. Because of its skin without burns, so after the moxibustion does not fester, leaving no scar. General deficiency disorder, which can be.
2: is the use of indirect moxibustion moxibustion with moxa cone will be separated from the drug acupoint skin, method of moxibustion. Such as ginger interval moxibustion, salt moxibustion, etc..
(1) ginger partitioned moxibustion. With fresh ginger cut into about 2-3 cm in diameter, about 0.2-0.3 cm thick slices, middle to punch holes, and then the ginger in the Acupoint Moxibustion or lesion should, then put in the ginger lit moxa cone moxibustion. When the AI lived out, then the patient feels moxibustion. The intensity of the prescribed number of moxibustion, so as to make the skin ruddy without blistering. Used to and due to vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea, cold and cold bitongkang.
(2) garlic partitioned moxibustion. With fresh garlic, cut into 0.2-0.3 cm thick slices, middle to punch holes, and then placed in the moxibustion Yu Yu or the affected area, and then put in garlic Moxa Moxibustion, lit. To burn easily by moxibustion moxa cone, then, until the end of a specified number of moxibustion of zhuang. This method is mainly used for the treatment of scrofula, pulmonary tuberculosis and the beginning of the tumor disease.
(3) salt partitioned moxibustion. With pure salt fill Fuyu umbilical, or in salt and then set a thin slices of ginger on the big moxa cone moxibustion. For the treatment of typhoid fever or vomiting and Yin Syndrome, stroke off the card etc..
(4) aconite cake separated moxibustion. The monkshood grinds into powder, mixed with wine made of about 3 centimeters in diameter, about 0.8 cm thick in the middle of the aconite cake, acupuncture on the number of holes, moxibustion acupoints or the affected area, top with moxa cone moxibustion moxibustion, until by the end of the specified number so strong. With treatment due to decline of vital gate fire impotence, premature ejaculation or incurable disease such as sore long break.
3 moxa roll:
(1) moxastickmoxibustion. Take 24 grams of pure soft moxa, tile in the 26 cm long, 20 cm wide fine paper, it rolled about l.5 cm in diameter cylindrical moxa roll tightly wrapped with requirements, soft and tough as loose, with glue or paste into sealing. There are various aliquots into cinnamon, ginger, clove, angelica, asarum, angelica, realgar each in the moxa powder 6 grams, has become a drug. The method of moxibustion was pided into mild moxibustion and sparrow pecking moxibustion.
(2) mild moxibustion. Moxa moxa stick is lit, Acupoint Moxibustion or lesion should be aligned, about 2-3 cm from the skin, smoked. Smoked with local warm sense without burning is appropriate, generally every moxibustion for 5-7 minutes, until the skin is red. For fainting, local hypesthesia of patients, doctors can be in, eat two finger separated moxibustion parts are arranged at both sides, so can the doctor finger feel to detect patients with local heating degree, so as to adjust the distance and prevent scalding moxibustion.
Birdpecking moxibustion moxibustion: when will end with the lit Moxa Moxibustion parts of the skin is not fixed at a certain distance, but like the birds pecking, and activities of moxibustion. In addition, the utility model can be used to move or repeatedly apply moxibustion on the upper, lower or the left and right directions uniformly.
4 temperature: acupuncture is a method of combination of acupuncture and moxibustion, suitable for both the need and suitable conditions for moxibustion. When will the needle point after the gas, and give appropriate reinforcing reducing techniques while retaining needle, following the pure soft pinch in the moxa needle tail, or moxa a length of about 2 cm, inserted in the needle handle, fire moxibustion. Remove the moxa moxa burning to ashes or after, remove the needle.
5 warm moxibustion moxibustion moxibustion device is a cylinder with a special metal, so it is also called warm moxibustion tube. The bottom of the cylinder is provided with a tip and a flat, and a small cylinder is sheathed in the cylinder. When will Moxa Moxibustion, or adding drugs into small tube, the warming moxibustion is ignited, the cover of the warm moxibustion buckle, can be placed on the acupoints or moxibustion part, by moxibustion, moxibustion until the skin ruddy. There is Qi and blood, the role of cold dispelling.
Contraindications and precautions:
A taboo
1 where the true heat syndrome or yin deficiency fever, heat evil Chi card, such as high fever, hypertensive crisis, advanced pulmonary tuberculosis, hemoptysis, vomiting, severe anemia, acute infectious diseases, skin ulcer healing furuncle and fever, are not using moxibustion therapy.
2 cases of organic heart disease with cardiac dysfunction, schizophrenia, pregnant women's abdomen, lumbosacral region, are not moxibustion.
3 face, neck and large blood vessels to walk the body surface area, near the mucosa, are not allowed to apply moxibustion.
Two, matters needing attention
1 moxibustion before and moxibustion treatment and treatment of patients with clear, especially the scar moxibustion, must obtain the consent and cooperation of patients. After scarring moxibustion, local keep clean when necessary, dressing, dressing 1 times every day, until the scab so far. In moxibustion, the acupoints selected with warm water or alcohol swab to clean, keep skin Moxibustion after proper temperature, to prevent the cold, curative effect.
2 in addition to scar moxibustion, moxibustion in the process, we should pay attention to prevent the fire burns skin ai. Especially for young patients. If there is a bubble, with alcohol after disinfection, with the needle prick blisters, and then coated with gentian violet can be.
3, occasionally after moxibustion physical discomfort, such as dizziness, irritability, sensation, can make patients with appropriate physical activity, drink a small amount of warm boiling water, or acupuncture Hegu and Houxi acupoint, can quickly alleviate the symptoms.
4 moxa Caution! Use of fire, avoid burning clothes, bedding and other items.