Why is moxibustion more suitable for modern people?

Through moxibustion temperature conditioning, fill Yuanyang, cold dispelling silt, meridian, Qi and blood, quickly and safely out of the body cold Qi, tonifying chunyangzhengqi. Through moxibustion temperature conditioning, rely on the body's ability to repair itself or potential, so a lot of people do moxibustion have the feeling of physical discomfort, soon there will be significantly improved. Becomes a way of life for modern people health moxibustion love is not strange.

Why moxibustion is more suitable for modern people? Is mainly the following reasons:
1. years of blowing air was hot summer days, the body should be sweating, but now there is air conditioning, air conditioning environment in the long-term work, not only sweat less, but not cold from the feet, but also from the head, limbs invading the body. Many people at night is sleeping in air-conditioning, this perennial down, will become cold physique.
2. often cold drink since the refrigeration equipment, cold drinks are very common, and even some people not only drink in summer, winter drink. Such a big hurt Yang, large and easily hurt the stomach, on fire, vicious spiral.

Including food and drug

3. cold here too much cold food. Modern people are xuhuo Sheng, in essence is cold. Many people do not understand this truth, to get angry, often drink Quhuo drink, cold food and drug taking Quhuo, because many people like excessive Yin rejecting Yang. It will make the body more cold Sheng, Yang big loss, often resulting in lower heat.
4. of drug abuse and the quick pace of modern life, often let the workers have a headache and slight fever itself to eat a few slices of drugs, to solve the problem, not knowing that the most pernicious body Yang.
5. people eat too modern nutrition many, too good, increase appetite and body burden, digestion and absorption, accumulation of body waste, obstruction of meridian operation.
6. the lack of sleep is the sunrise and sunset, keep regular life and nature. The synchronous and modern nightlife Too rich, often sleep late, some even stay up all night work or entertainment during the day but can sleep for a whole day. If things go on like this, causing a serious shortage of human blood meridian, more unreasonable, public concern No. search moxibustion.
7. beautiful freeze ten women nine cold. The woman was Yin, but in the pursuit of beauty and wear little clothes, some year midriffs, even in winter is not willing to wear too much, it is easier to cold invasion. The above reasons, the modern people are cold, and wet, and poison, and blocking. Lead to generation of more than 80% are Yang deficiency diseases are. Damage to one Yuan Yang.