Do women have any effect on moxibustion during lactation?

Moxibustion is a very common treatment of diseases, this treatment is very healthy, many people are very fond of, then breast-feeding can do moxibustion? Lactation, moxibustion will have an impact?

Breast-feeding mothers, for the baby's health, in the normal diet and their own diet should be very careful, otherwise it will affect the milk, then breast-feeding can do moxibustion? Lactation, moxibustion will have an impact?

Can lactation do moxibustion?:

Lactation can be done moxibustion

But the waist, the sacrum and the small abdomen are not recommended

Can lactation be affected by Moxibustion?:

Concrete analysis:

Moxibustion is made of moxa moxa cone, moxa, smoked the acupuncture points of the human body to achieve a natural therapy health care and treatment.

It's for external use and doesn't affect the quality of the milk, so don't worry about it

In the words of traditional Chinese medicine, moxibustion has the functions of Warming Yang and Invigorating Qi, dispelling cold and relieving pain, reinforcing qi and removing Qi, warming meridians and collaterals, eliminating stasis and dispersing stasis, and Reinforcing Qi in the middle and lower back

Can be widely used in medicine, surgery, gynecology, pediatrics, facial diseases, especially mastitis, prostatitis, scapulohumeral periarthritis, pelvic inflammatory disease, cervical spondylosis, diabetes and so on

Lactation how to breast health?:

1, breast-feeding mothers should ensure adequate nutrition, to meet the physiological needs of two mothers and infants

Otherwise, may cause less milk, lack of milk, and the impact of the growth of the baby; may also cause the body fat excessive consumption, emaciation, days after the easy to cause breast atrophy.

2, breast-feeding mothers should maintain a good state of mind, a happy mood, the law of life, adequate sleep

Avoid the influence of various mental stimulation and bad emotion, so that the secretion and excretion of milk are not smooth

3, lactation, milk should be empty, each feeding if the baby can not completely milk sucking, the application of pump suction net.

Avoid the accumulation of milk, otherwise easily lead to bacterial infection and acute mastitis

4, breast-feeding, the left and right sides alternately feeding, to avoid excessive feeding one side of the breast asymmetry

5, when nursing health care, avoid milk product, trauma, acute inflammation caused by suckling nipple bite of the breast;

Breast-feeding mothers should avoid exposure to benzene, lead, mercury, organic phosphorus and other toxic substances and X-rays, isotopes and other radioactive substances, with caution or no use of various drugs

6, breast-feeding time should not exceed 1 years, generally in 6 months to 10 months is appropriate, to avoid breast-feeding for too long and cause ovarian function inhibition, resulting in excessive atrophy of mammary gland degeneration, and sexual desire to reduce