What's the effect of moxibustion?

According to the moxibustion wind, cold, heat, wet, dry, fire six exopathogens caused different symptoms, can make the whole body surface pores, make skin ruddy, drug can quickly enter the body, along the meridian line, within the viscera.

From the outside to the inside effect, to clear the meridians, warming the meridians, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, expelling wind and cold exhaust, cold dampness, detoxification, swelling and pain, regulating yin and Yang, help sleep, pass blood, nourish the body.

Moxibustion action

First, sweating detoxification

The head will have sweat, exudation, and even sweating, the body pores open, the secretion of sweat glands excretion, promote the discharge of toxins from the skin, improve the skin nutrition, and promote the metabolism of the skin

Two, improve the whole body microcirculation

Under the microscope, the blood velocity in the body before moxibustion is very slow, especially hypertension, asthma, obesity, the infirm, red blood cell flow in microcirculation after moxibustion accelerated, systemic skin reddening, fine luster, ruddy, beautiful and moving.

Three, enhance immunity and nerve regulation

Moxibustion can effectively prevent colds and bronchitis diseases, enhance immunity, regulate the brain center, make the reaction more sensitive, clear head

Four, easy sleep, sleep

Through the penetration of drugs, the skin sweating, there will be no sauna due to physical thermal effect of thirst, irritability, after moxibustion easy to fall asleep, and sleep quality is good, after rest feel more comfortable, fatigue

Five, improve heart output and regulate heart function

After moxibustion, the heart rate will increase, at this time, the heart will beat as powerful as athletes, the output of the heart every minute is greatly improved, improve the blood circulation of the driving force

Six, promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, enhance gastrointestinal function

In the moxibustion process, the peristalsis of the stomach and intestines were promoted, and the sound of the hindgut after the moxibustion was accelerated, and the habitual constipation was improved obviously

Seven, lipid-lowering, weight loss

A moxibustion is equivalent to 3 hours of exercise

Eight, prevention of gynecological diseases, and promote postpartum recovery

Moxibustion anti-inflammatory, bactericidal, itching, blood circulation, pain prevention, prevention of various gynecological diseases

Nine, to eliminate fatigue, reduce muscle, joint, rheumatism, pain

After moxibustion, relax your body and mind, relieve tiredness, relax muscles and relieve pain

Ten, warm up meridians and collaterals and promote immunity

To improve the cold dampness constitution, sun whitening, improve human immunity