Why do moxibustion with moxa stick as raw material?

Why do moxibustion with moxa stick as raw materials? The us from this name in moxibustion can know why.

Moxa is moxa stick meaning. Moxibustion is applied to the skin care method will burn, Moxa Moxibustion Combined with moxibustion moxibustion is a traditional Chinese medicine. It is needed to ignite moxa burning. Moxibustion acupoints of the human body to achieve a natural therapy and health care.

With a long history, through long-term practice, people in a long time ago that is a Moxa Moxibustion with the best raw materials. Modern research has found that the earth's plants and the structure of the leaf but wormwood is the most uniform, as early as three thousand years, smart people discovered the moxa stick moxibustion as raw material is most appropriate.

Moxa grass, is a kind of natural medicinal plants, is a perennial herb, leaf like a chrysanthemum, surface deep green, abaxially gray hairs. Warm fragrant leaves collected in May, into medicine. In Funiu Mountain is better Qi wormwood leaf thickness, and cashmere, called Qiai.

A moxa stick by the temperature, moisture, cold, hemostasis, inflammation, asthma, cough, anti abortion, anti allergic effects. The treatment diseases of Yuanyang with strong moxibustion, warm meridians, dispelling cold, relaxing tendons, reviving Yang and other effects.

For the effect of Moxa Moxibustion, it can. And we intend to fire warm moxa AI stimulation can direct access to the deep, cold dampness, make people have a sense of fun. In ordinary hot, just feel the surface burning, without warmth and cold effect.

The moxa stick will make weak function strong, also can make the function of hyperthyroidism is suppressed. Deficiency can fill, stagnation can spread, can cure the sick, no disease can prolong life