Moxibustion restores the body's ability to heal itself

People often moxibustion may have such feelings: physical discomfort, ruddy luster, reducing the number of sick, even though some minor illness can quickly not drug rehabilitation, the quality of life improved. Occasionally accepted moxibustion people may have such an experience: I never thought that the seemingly insignificant moxibustion. Really put my neck and back pain is good, amazing!

Without the experience of moxibustion, people may have many doubts: what can moxibustion use? Is it health care, comfortable and comfortable? So, the heart doubts, want to moxibustion and stop

So what exactly does moxibustion play? What benefits does moxibustion take us? And it needs to start with the healing power of our body


Miraculous healing power of the human body

Healing power is our body was born with innate self defense, self repair ability, self recovery. It can timely self diagnosis, self repair and self maintenance, not only can make the disease self recovered, can protect the body from invasion. The healing power from human innate "instinct" accurate and complete self-healing system, it usually said the immune ability, should also include repair (healing and regeneration), rejection, endocrine regulation, stress and other modern cognitive or not.

The powerful force of human body and healing magic, is unable to describe with words, clever ancient sages vividly called it "righteousness", generally speaking, formed from the life of the moment, we carry the inherent human doctor "-- the self-healing protection system, at the same time with the formation and settle down in the US in the body.


The person already has self-healing ability, why can you still be ill?

The miraculous healing power of the human body is innate, but it has its strengths and weaknesses. The strength of the self-healing force is influenced by innate genetic endowment, acquired environment, age, and mode of life

1, congenital genetic endowment

The healing power of congenital deficiency, destined to born down body weak, easy to get sick and sick is not easy to be improved, such as some children often catch a cold, have a fever, infectious disease in high season, a little wind sways grass will infect others, since the age of the children played after birth is not easy to get sick, the innate differences is the healing power.

2, the growth of age

Self-healing strength is also affected by the increase of the age, the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine about "people over forty, Qi since half." here refers to the kidney is the human body to resist disease and self restoration ability (i.e. self-healing force). Although congenital self-healing capacity is sufficient, with age will self heal force decreased gradually, generally around the age of 40 is a turning point, is the healing power of the natural decline, and with the increase of age is becoming more and more obvious.

3, excessive consumption of self-healing power

The human body by means of its own healing power, even if the occasional pathogenic factors, can also maintain a good state of illness; only when the bearing strength of the consumption of the body and the degree of damage than personal healing power, the body will be sick. Some people are all wrong, or ill not easy improvement and recovery, that the healing power is low.

In real life, reduce the healing power is our human imperceptibly, excessive consumption of lead. For example, unhealthy lifestyle: often stay up late, Tanliang, uncontrolled and irregular diet, smoking and drinking, angry anxious emotional instability and so on, will be excessive consumption of vital qi, reduce the body the healing force resulting in diseases.

4, rely on or abuse drugs

Medical expert conclusion is given: over reliance on doctors and medicine, let our body's healing power into soft crab, the body's immune system under the open portal in the external disturbance. So, health and medicine has formed a vicious spiral to a certain extent: up to more medical health problems. More so. To stop this cycle, we should respect the body's own rules, give full play to the potential of our self-healing capacity, make it become our true health protection of God.


The essence of health, improve the body's self-healing power

Chinese words "three cent, seven support", refers to: in the recovery process, the doctor and the role of drugs accounted for only thirty percent, the recovery of the body depends more on self adjustment and repair process is the healing power.

Try to rely on healing power to cure diseases, which is the fundamental purpose of traditional Chinese medicine, is the highest level of medical. Whether you are trapped in the body as long as I believe what Difficult miscellaneous diseases, healing power, change the way of life, and actively seek natural replacement therapy, can regain health. Healing power is born, but also can be excited to improve. Some potential with the people, need to be stimulated, self-healing capacity can fully play its magic, resistance to disease; otherwise, it abandoned in the face of blindly chasing Xunyiwenyao disease run, it will become increasingly weak, was exiled to the body corner. Ill cured after all depends on the human body itself, daily care more rely on the healing power.


Moxibustion is the best way to improve the healing power of human body

Is there a way to enhancement and restoration of human original self-healing ability? The answer is yes. The Song Dynasty imperial sinus material in "Bian Que heart book" clearly pointed out: "it is a master of Mrs. yuan, Chi Zhuang is strong, it is weak human disease, and it is killed, Paul the life of the law, the AI first." the experience of Chinese medicine for thousands of years tells us that this method has very strong enhancement of moxibustion, and improve the ability to recover body self-healing power.

For example, neck disease, lumbar disease, insomnia, irregular menstruation, menopause syndrome, spleen deficiency and so on, these are the use of moxibustion meridians, promote blood sufficient principle results. But what is more often when we use "moxibustion treatment" of a disease, but there are many other unexpected the effect, for example, we give a patient treatment of lumbago, accidentally discovered their frequency has been significantly improved than the original. In fact, this is not how the magic of moxibustion, moxibustion to stimulate the recovery is mainly through the body self-healing power system, the "magic" to reflect the effect of human body is inside yourself the results of the treatment.

Modern medical research has been fully confirmed, the effect of moxibustion on the human equivalent of a person to rest, exercise, nutrition, produce mentality effect. Through combining with moxibustion can achieve dredge meridians, supplement qi and blood, nourish weak organs, spleen and kidney qi pass through the temperature, excitation and strengthen spleen kidney function, the the body of this congenital kidney and spleen are well improved. At the same time that moxibustion relaxation and attention, attitude of quiet and relieved, so that not only make the meridian and viscera function to achieve harmony, the mind and body to the deep degree of harmony, health is a method of practicing the law through. Moxibustion, we can avoid or reduce the occurrence of the disease, or even eliminate from the source to cure the disease, the purpose.

In conclusion, the mechanism of moxibustion, the essence is to improve, we had some restoration of human, born with "self-healing power". The release of energy through moxibustion magic, can eliminate the short term we can perceive the pain, long-term can improve, restoration, protect our body's "carry a doctor", to maximize to play a role, let us less sick, not sick.