The effect of Moxibustion

Moxibustion is a major part of traditional acupuncture and moxibustion medicine in china. In general, moxibustion therapy and acupuncture are by stimulating acupoints or stimulate certain parts of meridian, neural and humoral function, adjust the imbalance of the body of the organizational system, so as to achieve the purpose of preventing and curing diseases. However, moxibustion therapy has its own unique characteristics. Acupuncture and moxibustion are different, moxibustion therapy is through warm, cold and other non mechanical stimulation of the role, to carry out righting evil, balance yin and Yang, disease prevention and treatment, rehabilitation care. Especially the effect of moxibustion to attach great importance to health care in ancient times. "Emergency prescriptions" to prevent "a kind of malaria malaria mentioned moxibustion". Bian Que pointed out that the "heart": "people without disease, often moxibustion Guanyuan, Qihai, Mingmen, Zhongwan, has not had a long life, but also more than 100 years". Modern not only has been confirmed by a large number of clinical, but also to further develop. At the same time, the effect of moxibustion on the mechanism are also discussed widely and systematically.
First, the effect of Moxibustion
Summarize the experience from ancient to modern times, moxibustion mainly manifested in the following aspects.
1 warmingchannelstodispel cold: the normal life activities of the human body depends on the role of Qi and blood, Qi blood, blood gas check, blood gas in the meridians, is entirely due to "push the gas". For various reasons, such as "cold gas, heat, gas disease", can affect the blood born diseases epidemic change. And the temperature is blood slippery, gas cold is blood acerbity, that is to say, the operation of Qi and blood in case of temperature is scattered, in case of cold coagulation characteristics. So Zhu Danxi said: "blood is hot, cold, then coagulation". Therefore, all the Qi and blood coagulation, no heat like disease, can be used to treat the method of warm air. "Lingshu" really evil thorn Festival article said: "the blood in your veins, coagulate and leave, not fire, can take". "Lingshu" ban clothing said: "in person, vein blood in, blood cold moxibustion, so it should". It is the application of moxibustion stimulation, play a role of Wen Jing Tong bi. Through the warm moxibustion on the acupoints of the warm stimulation, can warm through the cold, strengthen the body Qi and blood running, to achieve the purpose of clinical treatment. It can be used for cold moxibustion blood running sluggish, retention caused by condensate Shibuya arthralgia, diarrhea and other diseases, the effect is very significant.
2 lines of Qi and collaterals: meridians in the human body, the internal organs, the outer surface of the body muscles, bones and other tissues. Normal body, Qi and blood in meridians in endlessly, sequential operation, if due to wind, cold, heat, wet, dry, fire and other external invasion, the human body or local blood stagnate, meridian blocked, can appear a series of symptoms such as swelling and pain and dysfunction, at this time, a moxibustion acupoint can play the Qi and blood, dredge the meridians, balance function, can be used for clinical sore furuncle, frostbite, Uroschesis, infertility, sprain and contusion, especially in surgery and Department of Traumatology application.
3 Fuyang fixation: life by Yang gas as a fundamental, it is the loss of life, people died of disease, so Yang Yin, Yin is cold, Qi Jue, or ghost, micro pulse to take off, at this time, as the "Q - reversal theory" the decline in the cloud: "Yang, for cold syncope". Yang Yin Sheng Yang declining only, identical to the brothers, then the brothers against the cold. Who was dying of disease, decline Yang, yin and Yang will wait for disease, with a large cone heavy moxibustion can dispel cold, Huiyang anticollapse. This is less than other acupoint stimulation therapy. The Song Dynasty "acupuncture and Moxibustion" also said: "who can save drowning, one night, the solution in which the dead live clothing, the navel". "Treatise on" pointed out: "Shaoyin disease Tuli, hand foot against the cold...... The pulse is not up to, the moxibustion is less Yin seven strong". "Good, cold extremities, irritability, moxibustion Jueyin, veinless, moxibustion". That all under Lee, vomiting, cold limbs, weak pulse etc. Yang Qi off the critically ill patients, such as with Jiu Guanyuan, Shenque point heavy moxa leaves, due to the nature of the fire and Chun Yang, Yang, Yang phase, can often play Fuyang gutuo, Huiyang rescue save the dying of the disease, the role of first aid in clinical commonly used in acute disease, stroke and acute abdominal pain, diarrhea, vomiting and diarrhea.Don't let the cold "," heaven and earth without him, only two of yin and Yang, Yang Yin, in the external, under this word subsidence, Yang in Yin, Yin in the complex and its anti Yang syndromes both see outside, then moxibustion". Therefore, moxibustion can not only play Yiqiwenyang, sun lift depression, the effects of solid tocolysis, Wei Yang is not solid, also have the effect of cou justified osteoporosis. To restore normal function. Such as Tuogang, Yin Ting, chronic diarrhea and other diseases, can acupuncture to enhance Yang, to "push up", and "category map wing" cloud: "hole discharge cold water 100 strong rectocele, moxibustion". In short, this is one of the unique role of moxibustion.
5: there are many ancient Sida Xiere doctors proposed ban moxibustion heat syndrome problems, such as "Shengji Zonglu" pointed out: "if the husband Yang disease moxibustion, for regicide"; modern acupuncture teaching has also put many heat syndrome as no moxibustion list. But the ancient and modern physicians have different opinions. "There are also available hot moxibustion" recorded in ancient literature, it was first seen in tumors treated by moxibustion, the "Yellow Emperor", ancient medical books are moxibustion as an important treatment of the disease. The "emergency prescriptions" further pointed out that the outlet of moxibustion on viscera heat effect, discusses the book, many of the diseases caused by noxious heat and yin deficiency syndrome treatment as set: "intestinal heat moxibustion are full, Yin, with strong", such as "two elbow flexor acuteappendicitis that is a sharp elbow bone every hundred moxibustion is strong, pus and blood, that is". "Diabetes, not dry mouth ninja, small Yu s moxibustion moxibustion, cross three inch". Zhu Danxi believes in Jin and Yuan Dynasties heat syndrome with moxibustion is "from" meaning; "Introduction to medicine" is expounded with the mechanism of moxibustion fever: "hot moxibustion, hot gas lead outside, the fire was dry of righteousness". The "golden mirror of medicine and Moxibustion" pointed out: "ulcer ulcer at the beginning of seven days, a node should be the most pain herbal oil moxibustion, moxibustion to stop pain, sore and pain when moxibustion". In short, to heat hot moxibustion, so hot out. Moxibustion can disperse cold, but also heat, indicating that the original function of the body from the role of two-way regulation. Especially with the increase of moxibustion and the expansion of clinical scope, this role is increasingly recognized by people.
6 health care: China's ancient doctors have long recognized the importance of disease prevention, and puts forward prevention measures "and" zhiweibing "academic thought, and in addition to moxibustion therapy, and disease prevention and health care function, is one of the methods of prevention and health care, which has a lot of records in in ancient literature. As early as in the "Yellow Emperor" mentioned in the "dog; meshing point moxibustion three strong, with dog injury Moxibustion", in order to prevent rabies. "Emergency prescriptions" with "where the official Wu Shu, the body often have to be 32 sticks, don't make boils from the temporary, is a kind of malaria malaria gas can't the people". Moxibustion can prevent infectious diseases. "Acupuncture" mentioned moxibustion Zusanli can prevent stroke.. The folk saying also that "to physical security, three often do" and "three moxibustion not all disease information". Because moxibustion can be Yang tonic, so moxibustion Zusanli, Zhongwan, can make the stomach qi Chang Sheng, and the stomach for the valley of the sea water, Rong Weizhi, the viscera, all by the gas, Qi Chang Sheng, Qi and blood filling; the human body really fire for life, is the essence of person; Guanyuan, Qihai for storing the essence of blood stasis, moxibustion on acupoint can cause stomach Qi Sheng, Yang, blood filling, thereby strengthening the body resistance and pathogenic factors difficult to make, to disease prevention and health care work. Modern moxibustion has become one of the important role in disease prevention and health care methods.
Two, the mechanism of Moxibustion
A large number of clinical studies showed that the therapeutic effect of moxibustion is realized through the combination of factors in many aspects. In order to study the mechanism of moxibustion, some scholars have done some experiments in different aspects in recent years, and have made some progress. As of 856 patients with Moxa Moxibustion, moxibustion sense rate reached 85%, the illness is heavy feeling more anxious, transfer phenomenon also weakened and disappeared, appear in the transmission line and the transmission area and the temperature rise of pain threshold and moxibustion and acupoints on the position, to the site of disease, that is through Acupoint Moxibustion meridian role. Foreign people observe Zhuang (0.5 ~ 2 mm g moxa cone moxibustion), the skin surface temperature up to 105 degrees Celsius, the skin temperature also increased significantly, indicating that moxibustion and warming action, strong penetration. With Moxa Moxibustion in patients with coronary heart disease and angina pectoris of Neiguan and Zusanli and mutton medium point, to observe the changes of microcirculation of bulbar conjunctiva, 39 cases were significantly improved. Moxibustion of Neiguan can make cerebral impedance blood flow in patients with significant improvement in inflow volume speed, increase the amplitude of 30% ~ 50%; hypertension blood pressure decreased in different degrees, that moxibustion of Neiguan can make brain blood vessels dilate, increase cerebral blood flow, improve blood circulation to the brain. In patients with coronary heart disease, Neiguan moxibustion danzhong and BL15 20min respectively, the ST-T wave of ECG were significantly increased, the contraction of the heart increased blood flow to the heart are improved. Show that moxibustion has obvious regulation effect on cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.
Foreign scholars in the two sides of the nose from the skin at 2 ~ 3cm for moxibustion, the treatment of allergic rhinitis, the symptoms of 88% patients improved, 47% patients after moxibustion 10min to allergen no response, no symptoms; 5 cases who voluntarily participated in the study after moxibustion nasal temperature increased by an average of 3.1 degrees (1cm) and 30 C (4cm), including 4 cases of white blood cells after moxibustion nasal fluid number decreased significantly. With suppurative moxibustion treatment of bronchial asthma, the peripheral blood eosinophil count down, there is a two-way adjustment effect on immune globulin, which is of high value in the low rise; the E- rosette formation rate and lymphocyte transformation rate increased, and there was significant difference. The Moxa Moxibustion in experimental tuberculosis mice "Dazhui", "Guan yuan" point, can improve the phagocytic function of macrophage, promote T lymphocyte function regulation function, and has obvious curative effect on the disease. This shows that moxibustion has a significant moderating effect on human immune function, the regulation is benign positive, generally along the adjustment of patients with favorable direction. In addition, the mechanism of moxibustion therapy of modern medicine, many scholars have conducted a lot of research. Has confirmed that moxibustion can improve immune function may be the main mechanism of moxibustion therapy.
The dog moxibustion Zusanli can regulate gastrointestinal motor function, in the 20 moxibustion experiment, 18 gastrointestinal excitatory or inhibitory activity change. Moxibustion in mice "Shenque" point, whether it is still in the fasting state, with different drugs to intestinal motility has changed the condition, can make the intestinal propulsion rate, inhibit intestinal motility function. The results showed that moxibustion could increase the activity of uterus in the rabbits with urethane anesthesia. That moxibustion has the function of adjusting visceral activities.