The operation requirements of Moxibustion

key lies in the accurate application of moxibustion, moxibustion: Mastering the indications, seeking the best use of acupoint prescription, proper moxibustion methods, effectively control the quantity of moxibustion and moxibustion. About moxibustion suitable range, mainly refers to the adaptation syndrome, which has been described in the next section, in more detail; acupoint groups of moxibustion, the common law has been described in general textbooks, the specific examples will be introduced in the following sections. This section does not make them. The following focus on the following two.
Proper selection of moxibustion method
So far, the domestic application of the clinical types of moxibustion, more than one hundred, the book summarizes 114. In the face of moxibustion method is very wide, in the practical application, according to different situation, choose the best moxibustion.
First of all should be suitable for people. Such as the elderly, children try to use less or no direct moxibustion. Diabetic patients are prohibited from skin moxibustion, due to the emergence of a serious pyogenic infection, the wound is not easy to heal. Different parts of the human body should also be different. Such as the face, should be suspended moxibustion with moxa moxa or indirect moxibustion, and not with the direct moxibustion etc..
Second, due to illness and appropriate. With the development of treatment methods, tend to appear with specific law, so in the selection of moxibustion should be fully considered. A large number of clinical experience shows that the direct moxibustion (huanongjiu) method, good effect of prevention and treatment of chronic bronchitis and asthma; if using lights or matches moxibustion moxibustion in the treatment of mumps, has been widely used in the mainland; and as the twine moxibustion moxibustion with leukoplakia of the vulva, such as wet wind and so on. In short, we must choose the appropriate moxibustion because of sickness.
Two, strictly control the dosage of Moxibustion
Refers to the quantity of moxibustion moxibustion on the stimulation of the body size, degree, speed and level etc.. It is a product of moxibustion induced by stimulus intensity and time, depending on the number of moxibustion, moxibustion on the size, the number of strong, moxibustion or after moxibustion stimulation effect time etc.. Master the best amount of moxibustion, help to improve the efficacy and prevent adverse reactions. According to the experience of ancient and modern physicians, generally include the following:
1 by day, geographical fixed quantity of moxibustion moxibustion quantity: If winter should be big, can dispel cold Tongbi, back to Yang jue. Other such as the north wind howling, the appropriate quantity of moxibustion; South warm moxibustion quantity should be small.
2 by age, gender, age, physical fitness and gender different quantity of moxibustion, the Yin and Yang Qi and blood and tolerance of different moxibustion. The ancient age to quantity of moxibustion, said that with the strong, with age from small to large and increasing number of strong, a young man as the limit. Should consider the physical condition, and according to the physiological and pathological differences between men and women. In addition, due to racial differences, the impact of the amount of moxibustion on the body.
3 by the disease, disease of fixed quantity of Moxibustion: deep disease chronic illness, the general should be large quantity of moxibustion. Such as "emergency prescriptions" words "all words is strong, strong in rodine was deep, can be more than the number of times square" as other moxibustion emergency, most physicians advocate strong number should be more, as in many works, "fifty strong Moxibustion" and "hundred strong", "two hundred or three hundred strong", "five hundred strong", "seven hundred or eight hundred strong" described everywhere. "Bian Que heart book" said: "the illness should be under five hundred strong navel." "Western Hall by Moxibustion" pointed out that "the main discharge of umbilical points to benefit more than...... Moxibustion hundred strong. But there are also doctors hold different views, such as "Prescriptions" that moxibustion of Zhuang number shall be determined by the body, "bitter death violent diseases,...... Moxibustion head and extremeties should, under the moxibustion should be less, but more than fifty. The less minus 3579 strong." "The map" that should be a wing for the degree, so will make direct moxibustion anger poison, not in fixed doses."
The elderly or infirm health moxibustion, moxibustion quantity is small, but we must adhere to the principle of time. The disease is superficial, the amount of moxibustion can be small; the amount of moxibustion should be large. Carbuncled Yin sore made on the surface, but the root cause, therefore, must be large quantity of moxibustion.
4 by taking part of fixed quantity of Moxibustion: the acupoints are advised to flesh shallow small quantity of moxibustion, thick flesh are advised to large quantity of moxibustion. Such as "emergency prescriptions" cloud: "the head of the eye pharynx, moxibustion to less; arm limbs, moxibustion should be cooked small, but not much;
Thoracic dorsal ventral moxibustion is especially suitable for the large ripe, lumbar Laosheng less". The experiment also found that muscle shallow point Dazhui, Zhiyin, less to fetal moxibustion effect and multi effect contrast after moxibustion.
5 by the cone size quantity of moxibustion moxibustion moxibustion on the size of the ancient books of the quite detailed. "Emergency prescriptions" cloud: "no moxibustion three points, it is also provided by acts of injustice". Required range of not less than 3 points at the bottom of moxa cone. Here the moxibustion, if not direct moxibustion, moxa cone can be as small as miliary. In moxibustion, by selecting the appropriate size of moxa cone moxibustion quantity to control.
6 by the patient feel the amount of Moxibustion: patients feel pided into two categories, one for the burning sensation after moxibustion. According to different conditions, some require only a partial warm feeling, while others require a burning sensation, according to the patient's oral and control. The other is the conduction moxibustion feeling, such as vibration moxibustion treatment of consumptive Wanbi shop in garlic moxibustion, garlic moxibustion must have to consciously stop in patients and moxibustion. It is also a basis for controlling the amount of moxibustion.
7 by the number of times the amount of Moxibustion Moxibustion: the prescribed number of strong, once the end of moxibustion moxibustion for a meal, the end of the end of the moxibustion moxibustion. The body of the poor and the head and limbs, such as shallow muscles, you can control the amount of moxibustion by way of moxibustion, in order to prevent adverse reactions, to achieve the desired results. Just as the "economy" moxibustion and moxibustion said: "if the fear of bone blood embarrassment, will be on the next day or moxibustion moxibustion".
Of course, the specific amount of the moxibustion above should be considered. It must be pointed out that, from the historical records and the existing experience, in general, trauma moxibustion has better effect. But for modern people, moxibustion burns the skin is often difficult to accept, in order to enhance the quantity of stimulus, can be used repeatedly in short time to achieve strong stimulation time after the integration of a strong stimulation, the stimulation effect of similar trauma.
Three, induced moxibustion conduction
In recent years, a number of physicians in Anhui and also proposed moxibustion stimulation acupuncture as a sensation, and summarizes some characteristics caused by the operation points and moxibustion sensation of sensation. From the clinical observation to induce the conduction of moxibustion, moxibustion treatment effect has some help, is introduced as follows, for clinical reference.
(1) operating points
1: General Moxa Moxibustion material for moxibustion material, and moxa moxibustion. This is because the Moxa Moxibustion can better control the amount, including the length of time, temperature and other moxibustion moxibustion. But not limited to, the Moxa Moxibustion, moxibustion moxibustion can also lead to a sense of conduction.
2 points: points should be less, but should choose to point. Application of moxibustion order: first moxibustion, moxibustion, moxibustion first, after the back of the abdomen; first moxibustion, Moxibustion after the limbs; first moxibustion Yang Jing, after moxibustion Yin meridians.
3 moxibustion burning intensity: Moxibustion burning intensity should be strong. Specific requirements are: hand ignited moxa in acupoints repeatedly up and down and move around, "on the back, known as the bird pecking; swaying, like climax", to produce a dynamic stimulation. This dynamic stimulation must be continuous and balanced, that is to say the whole process of thermal moxibustion, must be balanced, action can not be interrupted, which is conducive to the accumulation of moxibustion stimulation, which is based on the accumulation of such stimulation, it's possible to moxibustion sensation.
(two) the characteristics of Moxibustion
According to the existing practice, it can be pided into four phases:
1, the first phase: sensory aura. Refers to the sense of moxibustion has not yet appeared or will appear on the occasion, the Department of acupuncture and acupuncture sensation similar to the acid, swelling, weight, hemp and other gas induction. This kind of induction can be limited and can be widely used. Sometimes even the ipsilateral limb is affected, and then the feeling of transmission line. Aura can sometimes appear in the first place, and then gradually appear in the area of moxibustion. Many patients can not be threatened, directly into the second phase.
2 second phase: phase conduction phase. There is heavy Suanma swell after moxibustion according to certain pathway, in the direction of pointing, width velocity and conduction conduction band were inconsistent. But the feeling of the Department, mostly for pain. Qi to the sick".
3 the third phase: the role of play.
At this time, doctors had made images as: "the first only dense spreading, people is diffuse rising, cold like blowing fan, heat with fumigation, or such as ants or rotation, such as gas leakage. Body temperature can be decreased, swelling can be seen flat. Both flat irritability, also determined to moan. Disease heat has light weight, induction is reduced and increased. The peak has already fallen, and the lower one is not regenerated." In this period, the transmission of feeling has persity and regularity. Mostly in the affected area center is strong, with the improvement of the condition, the induction will gradually weaken or disappear.
4 the fourth phase: the decline and the recurrence of the meridians. That is, the last phase of conduction of moxibustion. Most of the time, the feeling gradually disappeared. But many of these phenomena may appear the following: transmission in place between, or turns; body go on coherence. The so-called meridians. Re transmission may be the same location, can also be another diseased parts.
Moxibustion is not sense of conduction of each patient or the same patients can be repeated every time out, it requires both moxibustion correct operation, careful experience; while there are inpidual specific. So we need to experience and explore in practice.
(three) an example of Moxibustion
In order to enable the reader to have a perceptual knowledge of the transmission of moxibustion, several examples are given as follows.
Chen x x, male, 56 years old, farmer, in April 13, 1995. Patients with ptosis in recent 2 years. Guily Buzhongyiqi (pill) Decoction and Huangqi Jianzhong Decoction and vitamin drugs, clinical symptoms eased, but repeated attacks. Because of overwork. Now see the abdominal bulge unbearable, after standing or intensified, with lusterless complexion, lassitude, dizziness, palpitations, barium meal in third degree gastroptosis. Syndrome differentiation of traditional Chinese medicine. With gallnut and fresh Castor Seeds with crushed, a diameter of 30mm, thickness of 3mm medicine cake. The patient was sitting, the herbal cake covered in Baihui and moxibustion, until the sensation, regardless of time and number of patients have been strong, like a halo halo non feeling in the moxibustion 40min, head of heat, heat and spinal fever, sometimes under the coke on the feeling. After the 6 treatment, the symptom reduction, after 12 times of treatment with ultrasound and barium meal showed gastric body has been restored in situ. Followed up at the end of 1, recurrence.