Moxibustion and moxibustion taboo accident

Although the moxibustion method is simple convenient, but in clinical application, should pay attention to the following points, to ensure the safe and effective.
A note, moxibustion
Although the moxibustion method is simple convenient, but in clinical application, should pay attention to the following points, to ensure the safe and effective.
1 moxibustion before according to the patient's constitution and condition, selection of the appropriate method of moxibustion, and cooperation of patients.
2, according to the condition before the application of moxibustion, select the quasi point, so that patients fully exposed to the site of moxibustion, and take comfort, and can maintain a long position.
3 low back, abdomen moxibustion, Zhuang number can be more: the number of breast and leg moxibustion should be less strong; head and neck less. Young adults moxibustion strong number can be, the time should be long; the elderly, children should be strong moxibustion should be few, time is short, pregnant women should not be applied to the abdomen and lumbosacral.
Heart 4 facial ministry, large blood vessels and tendons is not available or no scarring moxibustion, moxibustion moxibustion acupoint caution should be cautious.
5 for patients with coma, local perception of slow or perception of the disappearance of patients, do not pay attention to excessive moxibustion, to avoid excessive burns, causing adverse consequences. Especially for the elderly, children should be so.
6 Effects of moxibustion, attention should be paid to prevent fire off clothes and bedding AI consulting room burns or burn patients.
7 non suppurative moxibustion, moxibustion burning excessive local blisters, such as blisters not available, gentian violet solution rubbing, and ask the patient not to scratch, the general number of days after the absorption can be self-healing. If the blisters are too large, it is appropriate to use a sterile needle, leading to blisters in the liquid, topical disinfection dressing protection, but also within a few days to heal.
8 Where huanongjiu in purulent moxibustion or blistering after ulceration, should alcohol, fishy and excitant food, because these foods can help damp heat, phlegm and wind, and can stimulate the skin adverse reaction, so that the wound is not easy to converge or healing.
The end of 9 after treatment or moxa cone moxibustion, moxa burning must be extinguished, to prevent the resurgence of the accident.
Two, moxibustion taboo
To adapt to a wide range of moxibustion, but other acupoint stimulation therapy also has its taboo. Including the following aspects.
1 place: there are a lot of ancient literature on the prohibition of acupuncture points, but there are differences between the various books, quite inconsistent. Such as "acupuncture, a and B" only contained 24 points of acupuncture moxibustion, acupuncture integration is as many as 49. From clinical practice, most of them are not necessary for moxibustion. The part on the head or important organs and large vessels near the point, they should try to avoid choosing suitable moxibustion or acupuncture, especially should not use direct moxibustion. In addition, pregnant women with less abdominal moxibustion.
2 taboo syndrome: where a lot of vomiting, high fever, closed stroke syndrome and liver Yang headache, generally not suitable for moxibustion, but not absolute.
3 other taboo: for satiety, fatigue, hunger, drunkenness, thirsty, frightened, fear, anger, with moxibustion. In addition, in recent years, also found that a small number of patients with allergic to mugwort leaf, such patients can be non moxibustion or other acupoint stimulation.
Three, moxibustion accident
Moxibustion is a safe and effective drug therapy, and compared with the acupuncture therapy more safe. China Jin and Tang Dynasties once popular in some famous doctors at the time of the moxibustion, moxibustion are highly respected, even some anti Yang moxibustion needle. In fact, such as the application of moxibustion is improper, can also be an accident. Have the records in our early Jin Dynasty: "yuanye...... No moxibustion moxibustion, unfortunately, resulting in swelling erosion and injury in die break saber ". This is because of the lack of the concept and conditions of disinfection in ancient times, and the lack of effective anti-inflammatory measures, which can easily lead to infection and serious consequences. Halo moxibustion in clinical practice is very much, see the ancients, so in Qing Dynasty written by Wu Yiding of the "economy" moxibustion in the treatment of moxibustion has been mentioned in Halo: "fire or vertigo, air pressure is also false, cold moxibustion,The halo from the Soviet Union, and then stopped for a long time, the gruel or with ginger, with its strong god". The modern moxibustion accident were more common in addition to halo moxibustion, infection, allergy, still poisoning.
Halo moxibustion
Halo moxibustion is a rare adverse reaction of acupuncture and moxibustion. Mostly mild, but also more severe symptoms. Should pay attention to. The clinical manifestation, prevention and treatment of syncope and roughly similar.
On the mechanism of halo moxibustion, it has been confused with shock. In fact, halo moxibustion and fainting is a vasodepressor syncope. It is due to the strong stimulation of acupuncture and moxibustion, the vagus reflex caused by vascular bed (especially surrounding muscles) expansion, peripheral vascular resistance decreased, blood volume reduced, thus reducing the cardiac output, blood pressure, cerebral blood flow, resulting in temporary extensive reduction and syncope.
1 reasons
The reason about halo moxibustion, "biaoyoufu" cloud: "the hollow upright side and fears, halo". There are several common.
(1) physical reasons: one of the main incentives. Physical weakness, mental stress, hunger, fatigue, especially allergic constitution, vascular and nerve function instability. Many of those who do not have obvious causes of halo moxibustion, often found in the constitution.
(2) the cause of stimulation: acupoint stimulation is too strong, can cause dizzy moxibustion. The so-called too strong, because each situation is different, it is difficult to compare. In the type of stimulation, to see more moxibustion.
(3) position reason: in general, the seat is upright or prone to halo moxibustion moxibustion.
(4) environmental reasons: environmental and climatic factors may also facilitate the halo moxibustion, such as the pressure of low hot season, consulting room, air pollution, noise and other noise.
2 clinical manifestations: generally pided into the following three stages.
The aura: head discomfort, upper abdominal discomfort or systemic, vertigo, tinnitus, palpitation, pale, cold sweats, yawning etc.. Some patients may have no aura.
Episode: mild dizziness chest tightness. Nausea, weak limbs cold, wobbly, or with an instant loss of consciousness. Or a sudden loss of consciousness, faint on the ground, a lip cyanosis, sweating, pale, eyes on the turn, two incontinence. Minority with seizures.
Later: after timely treatment after recovery, patients may have significant fatigue, pale, sweating and lethargy. Mild mild discomfort.
Halo moxibustion occurs mostly in the process of acupuncture, but there are a small number of patients in the needle after a few minutes or even longer time to start symptoms, known as delayed halo moxibustion, should pay special attention to.
3 prevention methods: as early as in the "Yellow Emperor", used to prevent a lot of space to mention: "no thorn was fainting, a disorder of Qi; no thorn rage, to inverse gas; unarmed large work, no new food without a thorn thorn, hungry, thirsty people without a thorn. No thorns surprising" ("Q - thorn ban on"). The same is true for halo moxibustion. Modern mainly from the psychological and physiological prevention.
(1) psychological prevention: mainly for suspicion, fear, or acupuncture, screaming, laughing and crying, trembling, avoid muscle spasm. Change with the pupil, blood pressure, respiration, heart rate, skin temperature, complexion, sweating and other autonomic nervous system and endocrine function. Can advance psychological prevention, to avoid adverse reactions such as syncope. Divided into three methods:
Language induction: before the application of moxibustion, first of all, to explain the specific methods of acupuncture to the patient, to illustrate the possible sense of acupuncture, degree and conduction pathways, in order to obtain the patient's trust and cooperation.
Relaxation training: quiet, depressed, attention is easy to concentrate, introverted patients, their gaze of an object, to completely into meditation (meditation) state after the start of moxibustion and acupuncture.
Divert attention: impatience, hyperactivity, attention and lax, extroverted patients, patients can make some simple rapid mental arithmetic, or to some small problems, the use of the visual and auditory function and thinking activities, transfer their attention, promote local tissue relaxation.
(2) physiological prevention: hungry patients, moxibustion should be appropriate to eat; excessive fatigue, it should be allowed to rest to the basic physical recovery. Especially for fainting or halo on the history, it is best to take a lateral position, simplified point, reduce the amount of stimulation.
In the process of moxibustion, once the patient has aura symptoms, should be treated immediately. Moxibustion after the best can ask the patient in the consulting room rest 5 ~ 10min before leaving, in case of delayed halo moxibustion.
4 treatment methods
(1) mild dizzy: Moxibustion should be stopped quickly, the patient will be held to the air. Raise the legs, head lowered (without a pillow), rest for a moment, you can. If the patient is still feeling unwell, give warm boiling water or hot tea drink.
(2) severe stop after moxibustion moxibustion halo: supine, as in the case of emergency, it can be directly lying on the floor. According to our experience, these patients have a good effect in Baihui acupoint moxibustion. Method is to use a commercially available medicine moxa stick, lit as birdpecking moxibustion in Baihui type, should not be too close from the scalp, so as not to burn, until recovered, the symptoms subsided. If necessary, the implementation of artificial respiration, injection and acupuncture ditch, springs and other arm.
5 medical records
Tan x, male, 14 years old, students in April 8, 1989 to diagnosis. Patients in the 1 days before diarrhea caused by eating unclean, about 7, 8 times daily, diarrhea stool with pus and blood, tenesmus, anal burning, red tongue, slippery pulse number. Given a fixed Moxa Moxibustion Moxibustion device. Moxibustion to 60min, with a sense of palpitation, dizziness, nausea and vomiting, rapid pulse, pale, polyhidrosis. Immediately stop double moxibustion, acupuncture Neiguan, 5min for 20min, reduce the palpitation, the symptoms disappeared.