Overview of modern moxibustion

Since 1950s, moxibustion began to attract medical attention, and was used for the treatment of splenomegaly, bone tuberculosis and drug toxicity and other diseases. In twentieth Century 60 to 70s, clinical reports about moxibustion increased sharply, according to statistics, during this period, only by moxibustion moxibustion or in the treatment of diseases is more than one kind of many, but the real important breakthrough, is in the recent twenty years. Mainly in the following aspects
First, to further expand the scope of prevention and treatment of Moxibustion
Expand the scope of the first moxibustion prevention, disease prevention increased rapidly, to the end of 2000, the relevant documents contained in the prevention and treatment of various diseases with moxibustion and more than two hundred kinds, throughout all the body systems. Secondly, the prevention and control of diseases has exceeded traditional moxibustion disease and the common disease, has been used for many refractory diseases treatment. In case of autoimmune disease, Hashimoto's thyroiditis is caused by an abnormal immune reaction of thyroid disease, there is no effective therapy, with monkshood moxibustion, not only significantly improve the clinical symptoms and signs, but also can significantly regulate the immune function and thyroid machine as; scleroderma, autoimmune. Connective tissue disorders, aconite cake separated moxibustion to reduce symptoms, microcirculation and immune function were significantly improved. In addition, moxibustion is used difficult diseases to cancer, the treatment of chronic ulcerative colitis, rheumatoid arthritis, reduce disease and other sperm of modern medicine. Have a more accurate effect.
Two, clinical observation tends to deepen
More and more scientific and objective clinical observation, is also a feature of the recent progress of moxibustion. For some of the major diseases, often use a large number of samples to study the law of treatment. Hugh moxibustion g in 1960s has been applied, but limited to the observation of general syndrome change, the past ten years in clinical and Experimental Research on do a lot of work, not only observed after treatment in patients with systolic blood pressure and pulse pressure increased significantly, fingertip temperature rise, anal - refers to the temperature drop of peripheral capillary perfusion improvement still; animal experiments on observation of moxibustion Guanyuan effect on hemorrhagic Hugh g hemodynamics and arterial oxygen transport capacity, so as to obtain more comprehensive and profound understanding. Another example, application of moxibustion and aconite cake separated moxibustion in the treatment of chronic hepatitis B, through repeated research on multi index large sample, reveals that moxibustion can effectively adjust the immune system of patients with such functions, so as to reduce or inhibit HBV replication, repair of liver cell pathological damage, promote improvement. In the dialectical process of Moxibustion in the treatment of primary hypertension stroke prevention, through observation, found the treatment after 3 months in patients with blood pressure decreased and remained relatively stable, whole blood viscosity and improve the fibrinolytic system restore balance, thereby preventing the occurrence of stroke. Chronic ulcerative colitis moxibustion in the treatment of herbal cake separated moxibustion, based on certain clinical curative effect, through animal studies indicated that the expression of moxibustion can inhibit the rat model of spleen and colon mucosa inflammatory cell gene, correct the abnormal immune function, reduce inflammatory reaction of immune cells, which is conducive to the elimination of inflammation the tissue repair. It is through such a thorough and meticulous work, not only affirmed the exact effect of moxibustion, also summarized and found the clinical regularity of Moxibustion in a certain extent. By strengthening moxibustion in the clinical diarrhoea
Three, the treatment method has become increasingly rich and colorful
In the development of moxibustion therapy in the long course of history, our ancestors have created a variety of treatment methods. Due to various reasons, many of which have remained obscure moxibustion. In recent decades, the development of treatment methods, the two aspects of the work. On the one hand, it is an effective way to inherit the tradition. Such as walnut shell and reed tube moxibustion moxibustion, the former is contained in "rhythmicalprose", which was first seen in "emergency prescriptions", but books recorded very little, there was no further application. In recent years, based on the above two methods to explore and improve the discovery of fundus disease and facial nerve paralysis, has a good effect. In addition to the ancient moxibustion inheritance, also verified and promotion of other ethnic groups such as moxibustion, medicine popular in Guangxi Zhuang folk moxibustion, applied to a variety of common and difficult to treat, has received very good results. On the other hand is the creation of modern science and technology combined with new moxibustion,Such as light moxibustion, frozen moxibustion, electric moxibustion, aluminum moxibustion, etc.. In addition, in the ten years of moxibustion instrument has great progress, and most of them have become commodities in clinical application. Such as medicine moxibustion, moxibustion apparatus, fixed frequency Moxa Moxibustion Moxibustion Instrument, near infrared and far infrared moxibustion instrument etc..
Four, mechanism research system
In the past ten years, great progress has been made in the study of moxibustion mechanism and obtained, comparing the results of systems. In moxibustion on regulating the immune system, has confirmed that the different effects of moxibustion on cellular and humoral immunity were, and the regulation is bidirectional. In the blood system, through animal experiments and clinical observation found that moxibustion can increase the number of white blood cells and red blood cells. Moxibustion has obvious effects on microcirculation, hemorheology and hemodynamics. The blood clotting time and platelet count in patients with thrombocytopenia were shortened. The effect on metabolism, animal experiment, injected a large amount of moxibustion on nucleic acid and protein metabolism disorder induced by hydrocortisone improves, moxibustion can inhibit fatty degeneration process and regulating the metabolism of trace elements.