Moxibustion attention

The performer, should be serious, dedicated, careful operation. We should explain to the patient before the operation requirements of moxibustion, eliminate the fear, with cooperation. If you want to use scar moxibustion, you must first obtain the consent of patients.
The clinical application of moxibustion, should choose the proper posture and position of patient comfort level requirements, is conducive to accurately select acupoints, but also conducive to the moxa cone moxibustion successfully completed and placed.
The Moxa Moxibustion Moxibustion, often in the number and size of moxa cone moxibustion as the standard. In general, all at the beginning of disease, strong physique of the moxa cone should be large, should be more strong; chronic illness, physical weakness of the moxa cone is small, the number should be less. According to the characteristics of moxibustion parts, the head should not miss more chest moxibustion moxibustion; moxibustion in the waist and abdomen can be released more strong; in the extremities thin skin and bones at not more than two shares of moxibustion; shoulder and thick skin and muscle fullness, but should be big strong. It should be combined with the condition of moxibustion, in the case of chronic diseases, yang to take off, but not many large non moxibustion work; if it is cold, exogenous diseases Bitongkang, should grasp moderation, otherwise it is easy to make the heat stagnation have adverse consequences.
Acupuncture is widely used, although Yiyang can also hurt the Yin, clinical case, hyperactivity and evil in closed reduchishen syndrome, with moxibustion.
Moxibustion, the facial, genitals, not vascular distribution and other parts of the direct moxibustion, abdomen and lumbosacral not for pregnant women moxibustion.
In moxibustion or acupuncture and moxibustion, attention should be paid to prevent AI fire off, so as to avoid the loss of skin and clothing. In the process of moxibustion, to understand patient responses, adjust the distance between the skin and the fire moxibustion moxibustion, grasp the quantity, so as to avoid too moxibustion, moxibustion can also cause injury. If the local moxibustion blisters, as long as you don't rub, can RenJiZiRan absorption. If the bubble is too large, can be sterilized needle from the bottom bubble punctured to release water liquid, and then coated with gentian violet solution. For huanongjiu, during moxibustion sores fester, should not engage in manual labor, pay attention to rest, to prevent infection. If there is secondary infection, should be timely symptomatic treatment. In addition, especially for the treatment of patients with respiratory diseases, more attention should be paid to.
Hospital consulting room, should pay attention to ventilation, keep the air fresh, avoid dust too thick, air pollution, harm to human body.