Foot massage technique

Foot massage and body massage is the same reason, the technique is also in the foot of the various parts of the pressure, kneading, rubbing, holding, pinching and other actions. But the foot of the different parts of the hard and soft degree, according to the situation constantly changing. Foot massage, does not require the use of the left hand or right hand, can be adjusted with their own habits.
Push method
Thumb: with one or both hands thumb dorsal flexion, finger, finger side or to the other four fingers of the finger, grip, wrist flexible, direct push to a certain direction.
Push: five wells up, thenar wrist, with hypothenar push forward.
Palm root: push the wrist curl, fingers straight, palms root.
Push method Essentials: to look, the severity of suitable uniform speed, with the breath, intermittent and orderly.
Kneading method
The foot is more often used when kneading, rubbing with thumb finger, with finger, finger side to wrist flexibility, do circular loop, and shift operation. Can also be used to finger a few.
Kneading method Essentials: ring spinning round, drive the muscles, soft and deep.