The strength of foot massage

How much is the compression force of foot massage? For general health massage, the weight of 3-4 kg. Of course, in part, soft skin such as feet, power to light, and in such places as the heel skin, to some. According to the people, to adjust, with the power of fat people is bigger. If used for treatment, it depends on people's physical fitness and sensitivity. In short, their own massage, depending on how you feel. In the massage technique, heavy, fast and slow light is reducing, to fill method. The general body of virtual person, should use reinforcing method, solid people, should be used by. Not all people are the more painful the better. The gimmick is overweight, will the pain, especially the foot instep feet less fat, thin skin, heavy manual can cause subcutaneous bleeding, bruising, or hurt the muscle tissue and periosteum, the The loss outweighs the gain.. Some weak people, because the technique is overweight, cause relapse, or more weakness, are to be avoided. Therefore, do not blindly pursue weight and reflection area pressure is very painful, for health massage, rub to.