Foot massage massage

Thumb: with one or both hands thumb dorsal flexion, finger, finger side or to the other four fingers of the finger, grip, wrist flexible, direct push to a certain direction.
Push: five wells up, thenar wrist, with hypothenar push forward.
Palm root: push the wrist curl, fingers straight, palms root.
Push method Essentials: to look, the severity of suitable uniform speed, with the breath, intermittent and orderly.
Three, take law
With the foot eight takemethod is refers to the thumb with other fingers, the relative strength in the legs and feet of the muscles, tendons and acupoints.
Take the essentials: "soft strength, suitable, avoid using nails.
Four, point method
The application of point method, to the upper arm, wrist flexion under the focus, with the thumb and index finger, before and after the middle finger of the middle finger, and then force the middle finger.
Point method Essentials: hold your breath, luck on that point must be accurate, hard to be modest.
Five, according to the law
The foot finger according to the law, to the rest of the thumb or fingers, accurately according to the points. The other hand fixed.
According to the law of Essentials: according to the force to keep steady, breathing natural, not too hard.
Six, wiping method
The commonly used palm rub, a hand ankle, hand hypothenar, palm root close to the site to clean.
Cleaning method Essentials: hold your breath, luck in the palm, brisk, do not drive the muscles to generate heating.
Seven, pinch method
Soft: soft pinch pinch with the thumb and other fingers, the corresponding force, light and pinch, or ring to kneading, like twist beads, called pinch twist method.
Hard pinch: hard pinch thumb force, clutching the muscle, a degree, do not hurt the skin.
Pinch the essentials: soft and hard, light weight, flexibility, not stagnation.
Eight, pinch method
Pinch method is to thumb or index finger, middle finger nail on the need to take part. One hand thumb pinch, known as a finger pinch method.
Pinch method Essentials: force on the wrist, the capacity to refer to, to a moderate depth, do not hurt the skin.
Nine, the law
Foot toe physical method, a hand fixed, another hand middle finger food, buckling is hook shaped, two fingers to hold the toes on both sides, from the root to the direction of his toe at.
The main points of the method: symmetrical force uniform, speed should be shaanxi.
10, rubbing method
The palm rubbing method is held by two hands toes, hands should be affixed to the rubbing parts, hand operated camp.
Rub the Law Essentials: refers to, palm, wrist with the muscles, fast and suitable for fever.