The scientific basis of foot

According to modern research shows that some patients have different degree of nailfold microcirculation, especially coronary heart disease, dysmenorrhea, Raynaud's disease, arteriosclerosis obliterans and other patients with qi stagnation and blood stasis, microcirculation significantly, mainly for the deformed loop number increased, ray loop expansion, congestion of the blood flow rate and cell aggregation etc..
According to different diseases, selection of acupoints, foot operation in 20 minutes, then do the examination of nail fold microcirculation. Most patients improved microcirculation, visible loop blood flow accelerates, blood cell aggregation and apical loop loss congestion. While healthy people in the foot before no apparent abnormality of microcirculation, but the foot pe operation in 20 minutes, can also see the nail tube loop flow speed, the diameter increases, filling degree increased microcirculation function to enhance performance, it is proved that, has its scientific basis set foot health.
The study also demonstrated that foot massage method can be adopted by the following way to adjust the body function, improve the immune regulation ability.
1, can increase the number of blood vessels, especially the increase of collateral vessels, can promote blood circulation, better and more effective.
2, soften blood vessels, increase the elasticity of the blood vessels, thereby reducing the risk of vascular damage caused by pressure.
3, make a lot of muscle in the body, especially the leg muscles can do continuous contraction and relaxation, prompted a large number of vascular muscle also follow the continuous contraction and relaxation, so as to improve exercise efficiency muscle and blood circulation, strengthen the oxygen absorption, transport and utilization effectively.
4, strengthen the efficiency of the heart, the heart beat frequency decreased and pumping more blood, so as to be able to cope with sudden emergencies.
5, can increase physical strength and endurance, relieve tension and pressure, so that people in the face of various challenges under pressure is not easy to infection.
6, can reduce blood coagulation, maintain the heart and blood vessels patency, not to enter the myocardial vascular obstruction, is conducive to the prevention of myocardial infarction.
7, can regulate the secretion of hormones, which is good for the circulatory system, because too much adrenaline will cause many adverse factors for the artery.
8, can control weight and reduce blood pressure, which is very helpful for health, because most people with high blood pressure and obesity, likely to suffer from heart disease and diabetes.
9, can let the viscera by the blood and nourish, strengthen the metabolism, to promote the body's physiological function of each system naturally strong, to achieve the integrity of the body and mind.
Foot massage is a kind of effective method to relieve the tension and anxiety. If a person is confused in mind or what can not solve the problem and feel uneasy, it is better to go by foot, the mind will wake up, the mood can calm down, worry can be thrown to the side of Bing, the solution also can think out.