The elderly foot ten taboo

Bath is a good health habits. Bath to clean the skin, wash off the dust, bacteria, but also to promote blood circulation, accelerate the body's metabolism, the role of fatigue. However, elderly people should pay attention to the following several points of foot.
A bogey fasting foot
Because a lot of body heat consumption in the foot process, older than the young less glycogen reserves, low blood sugar due to hypoglycemia shock.
Two avoid foot immediately after a meal
If increased, hot water immediately after a meal Sheyin foot temperature stimulation, make the skin blood vessels, digestive organs in the blood is relatively reduced, thereby preventing the digestion and absorption of food.
Avoid excessive temperature
Foot washing water will be affected if overheating, overheating in the shower or soak for too long, for the elderly, can make blood vessels expand substantially body and limbs, blood flow to peripheral blood vessels, caused by transient cerebral ischemia, resulting in dizziness, vertigo, nausea and other symptoms, or even coma and death. Therefore, the water temperature should not be too high, preferably equal to or slightly lower than body temperature, 36-37 degrees is appropriate.
Avoid rub the skin
Some people love desperately foot rub the skin, causing skin damage, and even bleeding, which makes the body's natural skin care line of defense ability, in the breaks in the skin of bacteria or virus will take advantage of a weak point.
Avoid long soak in the water
If the bubble in the water for a long time, the skin telangiectasia, easily lead to temporary ischemia of the brain, can be seriously fainted. Elderly people with high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, hot water in the long bubble induced stroke risk.
The use of strong alkaline soap or shampoo & Bath emulsion
These alkaline chemicals are easy to stimulate the skin, causing itching and inflammation. The elderly should contain more fat lanolin soap or soap, rub soap after use clean water.
Bogey in non flowing water bath foot bath
This bath is not only unsanitary, but also the media for the spread of skin diseases, should be abolished.
Avoid too much foot
The elderly reduce the secretion of sebaceous glands, moisturizing ability is poor, if the foot too often, the skin care due to lack of grease and becomes rough, dry, dandruff too much, even the occurrence of skin crack or damage. The frequency of four seasons bath foot should be different, wash the feet of the times, usually once a day, because of the need for treatment can also be two times a day, but the elderly should be appropriate for every day. If the work of sweating a lot, to foot. Generally in the winter can be a day, two times a day in the summer.
Nine avoid excessive use of soap
When the foot is not excessive with soap. Because excessive use of soap is easy to wash too much sebum secretion of sebaceous glands, so that foot skin dry, especially the elderly should pay attention to.
Avoid foot when the wind
The elderly usually love hot water wash feet, there are many old people also love hot water foot, the body perspire comfortable. But then we must pay attention to safe, otherwise not only could cause colds, can also cause pain, as long unhealed chronic disease.