Foot bath is good, not suitable for everyone

The feet are not some special groups and no restrictions of any kind, in some special circumstances, not feet.
Traditional Chinese medicine has "spring feet, Kaiyang solid off; summer feet, acting kequ; fall feet, lung Runchang creep; winter feet, Dantian wet burning" so that so many people love to health by foot. But their feet are not some special groups and no restrictions of any kind, in some special circumstances, not feet.
Too much too hungry for feet
Feet, avoid satiety, hunger or eating condition, because the foot massage can accelerate the blood circulation, prone to dizziness and discomfort. After half an hour not feet, will affect the blood supply of the stomach.
Infant unfit feet
The child is Chun Yang of the body, it is easy to heat, fire of love. If you use more hot water soaking, sweating, hot heating. In particular, infants and young children, the feeling of temperature and adults are not the same, and they do not express, so it is easy to burn the soft skin. From this point of view, it is not recommended to use hot water bubble. Put your feet every day with warm water to wash on the line, after washing, you can gently pinch the foot, reach the purpose of shuhuojingu.
Beware of infection in patients with beriberi
People suffering from beriberi, serious illness to blister, not their feet with hot water, because it is very likely to cause wound infection. Foot inflammation, skin disease, trauma or skin burns are not easy feet.
Long time soaking special crowd induced syncope
The health of the human foot bath, spa is no problem, but should pay attention to the special crowd. Such as heart disease, heart function insufficiency patients, hypotension, often dizziness, not with water soaking or long time hot spa. Because their feet with hot water or hot springs, the body will lead to the expansion of blood vessels, blood will flow to the surface by the important organs, which will lead to the heart, brain and other important organs ischemia and hypoxia for heart disease, hypotension people will increase their risk of disease.
There is a folk saying: hot feet, race to eat ginseng, rich tonic, poor feet. This is a scientific truth. The best time is 9 feet at night. Because the blood is kidney weaker when, in the foot, increase body heat, body blood vessels dilate, is conducive to promoting blood circulation, and promote blood circulation. At the same time, the day the tense day nerve, and a tired day kidney, can be completely relaxed and full regulation at this time by their feet, to achieve the best nourishing effect, but also will feel comfortable.

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