The advantages of cupping

scraping and acupuncture stimulation of the pain is unbearable, and time-consuming, and the cupping technology can reduce the pain, but also can save time, easily accepted by the patients.
(1) easy to accept
The scraping and acupuncture stimulation of the pain is unbearable, and time-consuming, and the cupping technology can reduce the pain, but also can save time, easily accepted by the patients.
(2) easy to learn
The cure is cupping stimulation and body certain body acupuncture points or meridians and achieve the purpose of curing disease. The cupping site wide, even if the acupoints, acupoints are not so difficult, as long as the basic knowledge of cupping technology, and pay attention to the use of disinfection technique, very easy to learn, for the basic unit application and popularization of urban and rural families or folk therapy, many non medical personnel also can grasp and use this therapy to cure, and the effect is very good.
(3) simple preparation
Check the diagnostic equipment of cupping therapy does not need complex high-end medical equipment and modern medicine, the tank has the advantages of simple structure, with a small mouth and a large jar of smooth glass or ceramic pot.
(4) extensive adaptation
Cupping on the inside and outside, women, children, skin, facial features many subjects of diseases had significant curative effect, it can not only treat digestive, respiratory, cardiovascular, nervous, movement, urinary system disease, and the treatment of neurasthenia, autonomic dysfunction and other functional diseases, but also the treatment of some organic diseases well, viral or bacterial infection of a disease. The effect of acute diarrhea, neuropathic pain, acute sprain, stiff neck, headache is more obvious.
(5) the effect is significant
Cupping technology, whether it is used for acute disease, or chronic diseases, whether medical or surgical diseases, have good curative effect. For clinical use, often receive unexpected results, generally only need for several times, the disease is good, even if the chronic Jiuzhibuyu patients, as long as the patient adherence to treatment, also be miraculous. Therefore, the therapeutic effect of this therapy is not to be underestimated, and effective, high efficacy.
(6) physical fitness
Cupping therapy can not only cure the disease, but also a method of health and disease prevention, health long-term application, or recovered after conditioning, can maintain skin health, enhance physical fitness, full of go, relaxed, resistance and defense capabilities to no disease, can cure the disease prevention effect, so as to achieve and prolonging life. Objective. In the exercise of disease prevention, we should focus on regulating the spleen and stomach, promote fine kidney protection. Clinical selection of spleen and kidney related parts or acupoints conditioning, because the spleen and stomach for the day after tomorrow, the body is an important organ for absorbing nutrition transport substances, food supply is a source of health, if improper diet, hunger, can cause gastrointestinal dysfunction and injury, resulting in the food can not be digested and absorbed the body, not nutrition and disease; the kidney is also light day, Tibet essence, it is the source of reproductive function is the birth, growth and development of the human body is the foundation, the kidney is the root cause of human death, mourning the old. Under normal circumstances, adhere to the cupping therapy, can improve skin nutrition, make the skin becomes pale dry relaxation, ruddy and elastic, to delay the effects of aging and beauty.
(7) convenient and timely
Because the technology is simple, efficacy significantly, not only a lot of medical departments, and can be used for family therapy or treatment with each other, so can save time and early treatment, to cure disease, even if the treatment, namely to use, because the therapy is convenient and the inch, is in line with Chinese traditional medicine the academic thought of "disease. Because of this, so the majority of people willing to accept the treatment, also like to use this therapy autotherapy or therapy, this therapy has been paid more and more attention and welcome.
(8) economic benefits
The biggest feature of this technology is that no money or less money can cure disease. General disease, only this therapy can be, especially for some chronic diseases, such as hypertension, arthritis, asthma, neurasthenia and other diseases, in particular, some even need to cooperate with some drugs, are also commonly used in Chinese herbal medicine, some can be collected, or for the kitchen, what is drawn so, to greatly reduce the economic burden of the patients, but also save drugs, such as only by chronic diseases treated with cupping calculation, a year can save a lot of drugs for the country. In the areas of drug shortage, especially in remote rural areas, the technology is more suitable.
(9) safe and reliable
This technique is more secure than acupuncture therapy, it does not bend needle, broken needle, needle and other concerns. Cupping because of its simple structure, low cost, operation and does not need auxiliary tool for complex, so it can reduce the burden of patients to a great extent. But cupping technology only irritate the skin, not deep in the treatment of general, there is no danger, even beginners hair is not good, but as long as the technique is generally not a heavy accident.