Acupuncture - moxibustion techniques

Is smoked moxibustion or pressing on the acupoints with special moxa stick.
1 mild moxibustion
Will the ignited moxa stick, Acupoint Moxibustion or lesion should be aligned, about 2~3cm from the skin, smoked, the local patient has a warm feeling without burning. Generally, each Acupoint Moxibustion 10~15 minutes to skin flush degree.
2 bird pecking moxibustion
The ignited moxa stick on the points about the height of 3cm, with up and down, suddenly away suddenly near the moving up and down, such as bird pecking, generally every 5 minutes of acupuncture moxibustion.
3 revolving moxibustion
Ignited moxa, suspended moxibustion part of about 3cm above the high office. In the Moxa Moxibustion site on the left and from the mobile, or repeated rotation of acupuncture, the skin is warm feeling without burning. General acupuncture point 10~15 minutes, the movement range of about 3cm.
4 pressing moxibustion
By adding moxa moxibustion. Due to different clinical needs, in moxa holding into prescription drug is also different, pided into thunder fire, Taiyi moxacone, 100 God needle. It is called "needle", because of the operation, the real acupuncture point with the medicine moxa, like acupuncture ".
When operating in the moxibustion parts covered with 6~7 layer of tissue paper or cloth, will moxa lit, the alignment points according to their straight, pause for 1~2 seconds, so that the hot air reached through the deep; if the AI can be extinguished by point. Each point is about 5~7 under the skin by moxibustion, to flush degree.