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Natural cures for chronic kidney failure

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Renal failure is the degeneration of renal function, which is caused by various factors. In the treatment of renal failure, TCM has its unique characteristics in the treatment of renal failure. So what is the mechanism of Chinese medicine treatment of renal failure?

In the treatment of patients with chronic renal failure, some kidney disease hospital by micro Chinese medicine osmotherapy "treatment. Micro Chinese medicine osmotherapy is actually a system for the treatment of micro Chinese medicine blocking renal fibrosis, on the basis of the formulation and implementation of the new theory of nephropathy diagnosis patients with renal failure. The medication and treatment measures the core technology is a traditional Chinese medicines for the treatment of nephropathy in micro processing, and then evenly put in two kidney area, with the micro osmotic treatment instrument for treatment of renal failure. Micro Chinese medicine combined with western medicine symptomatic treatment and, when necessary by hemodialysis or peritoneal dialysis, but this is only an auxiliary measure, the key is not the treatment of renal failure. Summarize the treatment process in general, it is as follows.

1, the treatment of chronic renal failure, first of all for the treatment of the cause of disease

For the cause of treatment is the treatment of renal failure from the "source". The cause is because of renal failure of various causes of renal cell deformation and damage. It is natural to glomerular renal failure together as an example, we can explain the treatment method: glomerular disease is an autoimmune disease, its predisposing factors are often composed of antigen or antibody binding form the immune complexes, and deposited in glomeruli (immune complexes) in inflammatory mediators (such as complement, interleukin, active oxygen) participation, finally lead to glomerular injury. In practice, mainly take the following measures:

(1) expand the renal artery, increase the effective perfusion of the glomeruli, tubules and renal interstitium, accelerate the maintenance of I in the damaged cells and alleviate the hypoxia

(2) expanding the systemic arteries, reducing and relieving the state of systemic hypertension, especially reducing the glomerular pressure and reducing the high status of glomerulus

(3) to prevent the endothelial cells from being activated by speeding up the feeding method to inhibit the formation of micro ties

(4) inhibition of chemotaxis and infiltration of a series of inflammatory factors by preventing the release of a series of inflammatory cytokines by accelerating the blood velocity and by providing sufficient support to prevent abnormal release of activated inflammatory cells

Clinical observation, through the implementation of the above four treatment measures, the normal metabolic function of the glomerulus is activated, and when the glomerular condition is improved, the function of the whole kidney is also improved

2, the treatment of chronic renal failure, followed by the treatment of the disease process

The development process of chronic renal failure, that is the effective renal unit gradually reduced, continuous loss of renal function. In this process, a large number of double kidney atrophy, glomerular sclerosis and tubulointerstitial fibrosis. Therefore, the process of renal failure, which is also a process of deepening the degree of renal fibrosis. Blocking the kidney the process of fibrosis are important for effective control of the disease to uremia.

Blocking the process of renal fibrosis has been a major problem in the medical field, although there are a number of research institutions pointed out that some traditional Chinese medicine has certain effects on blocking renal fibrosis, but the real application is not much. The drug used is the series of TCM high-tech micro processing. Chinese medicine through micro processing, the activity increased, many under the traditional conditions it is difficult to play a role in drug ingredients, it can fully play its role.

The formation of renal fibrosis, extracellular matrix synthesis and accumulation of a large number of plays a key role. Excessive accumulation of extracellular matrix, will lead to the loss of the renal tissue and functional results. In this process, the muscle fiber cells to generate large quantities of extracellular matrix synthesis and its main function, can also be said of muscle fiber cells are the main source of extracellular matrix. Therefore to block the process of renal fibrosis, must prevent renal interstitial fibroblasts to muscle into which a fundamental link large number of transformed cells. The synthesis of the hospital breakthrough to degradation of collagen, the mechanism is that Chinese medicine active substance in the human body and muscle fiber there is a close integration of cellular and molecular (valence molecular binding), after the fusion of myofibroblast component degradation, promote myofibroblast cracking, crushing. Cracking, crushed muscle The fibrous cells are engulfed or fragmented by phagocytes and excreted

Aiming at the core of the disease process for the treatment of renal failure is blocking renal fibrosis and the deterioration of the chain, key chain blocking renal fibrosis deterioration is found can prevent normal cells into muscle fibers into drug cells.



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