/Natural remedies for kidney failure in humans

Natural remedies for kidney failure in humans

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Chronic kidney disease is known as the "silent killer", the slow progress, but when it developed to the life of end-stage renal disease patients end threat. In the end, patients must receive dialysis or a kidney transplant to prolong life. In China, we use the latest treatment called stem cell therapy.

Common drugs for the treatment of kidney diseases

For patients with chronic kidney disease, kidney function will be more or less damaged, lost. Due to the decline in renal function, patients are more likely to suffer from various diseases, such as hypertension, diabetes, skin itching, swelling, proteinuria, hematuria and so on. In order to control these symptoms, medicine diuretics, steroids and so on are common immunosuppressive drugs. However, once the stop these reduced doses of drugs or drug, these symptoms may happen again. More importantly, these drugs can also cause a series of negative effect.

Natural remedies for kidney failure in humans

Tongshantang hospital of traditional Chinese medicine can be said that the hospital Chinese maximum nephropathy, we use stem cell therapy to treat a number of diseases. Stem cell therapy or stem cell transplantation is the replacement of damaged or necrotic cells by differentiation of new and young cells. When these cells were injected into the patient's body, stem cells can differentiate into renal cells, renal parenchyma cells to replace damaged or necrotic kidney cells and tissues. So stem cell transplantation repair and reconstruction, affect kidney function cells significantly. In this case, renal failure can be improved, the kidney gradually returned to normal.

However, as everyone knows, in patients with the body's internal environment has been polluted. Therefore, in stem cells, improve the internal environment is very important. Micro Chinese medicine osmotherapy can be the best choice. It can not only help to remove excess waste and toxins, but also fundamentally help repair kidney damage and improve renal function. Combined with stem cell transplantation, the curative effect will be strengthened to a great extent.

By comparison, I believe you have a clear understanding and make a good decision. Sincerely hope that more and more patients with nephropathy can benefit from treatment. Want to know more details, please leave a message, we will try our best to help you.



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