/Alternative treatment for kidney failure

Alternative treatment for kidney failure

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All kinds of acute and chronic advanced kidney disease, can lead to renal failure, despite a variety of conservative treatment (including diet therapy, treatment of traditional Chinese and Western Medicine), but some patients still develop gradually deteriorated, so that life cannot be maintained and death.

Renal replacement therapy is the effective treatment for acute and chronic renal failure patients, including hemodialysis (hemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis and other blood purification therapy) and renal transplantation. In recent years, the number of patients with renal failure in the treatment of all countries in the world, the quality and method of year by year in the development of.90 in renal replacement therapy the goal is not just to enable patients to survive, and how to further improve the quality of life and quality of dialysis patients.

Hemodialysis therapy is the use of semipermeable membrane principle, the blood and dialysate of patients at the same time the introduction of dialyser (artificial kidney). In the opposite direction of flow in the dialysis membrane on both sides, on both sides of the membrane with the solute gradient, gradient and pressure gradient, penetration through diffusion, convection and remove toxins; by ultrafiltration and penetration to remove the body of water retention too at the same time; you need to add the material, correct electrolyte and acid-base balance disorders. Street hemodialysis therapy instead of a part of the normal renal excretory function (but not a substitute for normal renal endocrine function, and The new supersedes the old. and extend the patient's life), is one of the most effective measures to rescue acute renal failure patients. The high decomposition status and needs fast correct water and electrolyte disorders of the patients should be the first choice for hemodialysis.

Peritoneal dialysis is the use of peritoneal dialysis fluid as a semipermeable membrane, injected into the abdominal cavity, solute concentration and osmotic gradient dialysis solution by membrane on both sides of the capillary plasma and peritoneal cavity in the through diffusion and osmosis principle, remove metabolic waste and water retention too. Dialysate in metabolic waste and retention too water with dialysate excreted by peritoneal dialysis fluid supplement necessary material. Fresh dialysate dialysis can be repeatedly replaced continuously to remove toxin, remove moisture retention, correcting acidosis and electrolyte disorder treatment.

Peritoneal dialysis, especially CAPD (CAPD), it needs simple equipment, easy operation, safe and effective, better removal of middle molecular substances, lower the cost of treatment, can be used in basic medical units, and even can make the patient in the home after dialysis. It is not stable on vessels, the elderly are more appropriate. Peritoneal dialysis and hemodialysis each has its advantages and disadvantages, in the clinical application, complement each other, in order to achieve better effect.

For acute renal failure in early dialysis treatment, often can make the patient through, to create favorable conditions for the treatment of primary disease of chronic renal failure, dialysis treatment can make the patients life, relieve symptoms, labor has been restored, but it is also a strong backing for renal transplant must not be pided for means and transplant patients after the pre transplant. In the western developed countries, there are quite a few (more than 30%) in patients with chronic renal failure with alternative treatment can continue to work. This we have a big gap with foreign countries, including economic and technical reasons, there are reasons: first, the concept of the conservative treatment, especially the traditional Chinese and Western medicine combination therapy has certain effect in a certain period of kidney disease, can reduce the symptoms, delay the renal function of late, but to end-stage chronic kidney disease, there is no other treatment can replace The renal replacement therapy, but not the loss of renal function recovery; second, what time to start for replacement therapy is inconclusive, but it is commonly used to evaluate the clinical and biochemical indexes of renal function at present, not only the beginning of standard dialysis should be considered in patients with uremia, heart, brain, digestive and hematopoietic system. Effects of pH and hydropower flat street; third, no matter what kind of alternative treatments, have certain residual renal function (even 3%-5%), the alternative treatment effect and reduce the occurrence of various crises has important significance.

Renal transplantation has proven reliable in the treatment of end-stage renal disease. Renal transplantation is the most effective treatment in many organ transplants. It is the ideal treatment for chronic renal failure

Renal hypertension

There is a close relationship between hypertension and kidney disease. Hypertension can cause renal arteriosclerosis caused by chronic renal failure of end-stage renal disease: various kidney diseases, such as chronic glomerulonephritis, chronic pyelonephritis, polycystic kidney disease, diabetic nephropathy, lupus nephropathy may lead to renal hypertension, caused by glomerular hypertension. High perfusion, hyperfiltration and glomerular sclerosis ischemia, renal tubular atrophy and interstitial fibrosis, kidney injury further form a vicious spiral.

Active antihypertensive treatment can significantly alter hypertension on renal injury process. Blood pressure reached the control target value can effectively protect the kidney. The kidney patients, proteinuria > 1 g / day, blood pressure should be 125/75 mm Hg; proteinuria < 1 g / day, blood pressure in 130/80 mm Hg to diabetes; hyperlipidemia, hyperuricemia, blood pressure is required to be lower. Drug treatment of hypertension, should choose appropriate. The incidence of early available diuretics or calcium channel blockers, diuretics can cause peripheral vascular resistance decreased to antihypertensive effect, such as the selection of Dihydrochlorothiazide or furosemide. Use of calcium channel blockers can significantly reduce vascular resistance is small the increase of hypertension in the elderly, the drug combination is more effective than single use of diuretics, such as felodipine, amlodipine. Such as disease progression, use of angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitor (ACEI) drugs, such as captopril In recent years, with the enalapril. Lotensin and Monopril long, 1 times a day, every time 1 to 2 grains. The recent launch of the angiotensin II receptor blocker (AT1RA) such as losartan and Diovan, this kind of medicine has ACEI drug advantages, greatly reducing the cough side effects of.ACEI and AT1RA drugs not only can lower blood pressure, reduce the urinary protein, renal function is medicine. Disease in advanced stage, single drug refractory hypertension, need combined medication. This can also be used. Blockers such as metoprolol, but at slower heart rate without; 1 alpha blockers such as prazosin, no excretion by the kidneys, renal failure without reduction, approximately 1/3 of patients after treatment of glomerular filtration rate increase, because this medicine nephropathy increases the bioavailability than other patients more susceptible to orthostatic hypotension, appeared the first dose of vertigo, from small start to gradually increase the amount Safer

Following the emergency should note: urine and renal function should be routine examination in 1. patients with hypertension, glucose or ultrasound, find the hypertension is the primary and secondary, early detection of renal damage in.2. patients with diabetes, hyperlipidemia, gout, lupus nephritis and other diseases, should also regularly check the urine, because these diseases sooner or later harmkidneys, most people will have high blood pressure. To timely treatment of the primary disease, diet, control of blood glucose. The curative effect of traditional therapy with active lupus and hyperlipidemia diet and drug therapy can be considered as a poor immune adsorption, is the blood lead, plasma separation, immune globulin or lipid Nongxing. The adsorption column to remove the body, can receive satisfactory.3. regular follow-up is very important, some people only see a few times in the early onset of disease, not uncomfortable not to take medicine, or how many years old. Some patients everywhere eat recipe, to eat nausea, complexion is not good when come back to me, often is renal failure. In the early onset of the drug has a protective effect on the kidney, this may have been arch-criminal aggravate renal damage. Regular check, the doctor will according to the specific condition of the patient to adjust medication. The regular hospital in order to avoid detours, to spend money wisely. In short, clear diagnosis, rational use of drugs, can effectively control hypertension, reduce renal damage.



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