/Kidney failure treatment edema

Kidney failure treatment edema

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Treatment of edema caused renal failure Gar what treatment do Gar renal failure, renal failure caused by edema, with swollen swollen. How to eliminate the most obvious symptoms of renal failure: edema often appears most early in the face, eyelids, and gradually the whole body, simple nephrotic multi height edema, finger pressing skin is depressed, or in serous cavity, appeared hydrothorax, ascites, hydrocele and scrotal edema, can cause dyspnea, diarrhea or vomiting. The key technique for treatment of edema caused by renal failure, or pay attention to the treatment of kidney, renal function recovery, less edema will naturally disappear.

What are the treatments for systemic edema in renal failure?

1, the imbalance due to lesions of sodium and water retention caused by edema. The main quality mainly by the kidney nephron, and nephron consists of glomerular and tubular part two. Under normal circumstances, the glomerular filtration of water, salts and other substances, almost 99% were renal tubular reabsorption in the body, to make small and keep the dielectric relative dynamic equilibrium. When renal lesions, while the glomerular and tubular imbalance, on the one hand on the glomerular filtration function of sodium water drops, but the renal tubular reabsorption of water and sodium loss functions are not appropriate, so that the body of water, sodium retention caused edema. The most common situation in the glomeruli nephritis.

2, hypoproteinemia. When renal lesions occurred, due to increased permeability of the glomerular basement membrane protein in the urine, induced by plasma protein concentration decreased, plasma osmotic pressure decreased, the liquid from the vascular permeability protein is relatively high among the film, is caused by edema.

How to prevent edema in chronic renal failure? Chronic renal failure patients need to understand edema in chronic renal failure prevention for patients with chronic renal failure patients, edema is relatively easy to produce, mainly because the ability to regulate the kidney itself water what is the acute renal failure in which hospital is good to reduce or disappear, so chronic edema how to prevent renal failure is a key problem, effective prevention and treatment measures can effectively reduce the edema.

After suffering from chronic renal failure should pay attention to:

(1) you should not take any medications without consulting the doctor about the dangers of the drugs. Even if you feel that everything is normal, you must follow the usual medical procedures

(2) give a low protein diet. There is edema and high blood pressure, should be low salt diet. Early no edema, urine volume for a long time, should drink more water, late edema, less urine, should limit the amount of water

(3) the appropriate attention to rest, prevent colds, smoking drinking, to abstain from sex.

Experts remind you: the treatment of edema caused renal failure Gar what renal failure treatment methods of the disease kidney stone tablet, the rise in recent years the incidence rate, to all our friends a wake-up call. In patients receiving treatment at the same time, the diet has the advantages of simple structure, but also can reduce the risk of the disease. Our hospital experts online all day long, you online message consulting, to understand the disease content you want to know.


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