/Which nephropathy may induce renal failure? What are the die

Which nephropathy may induce renal failure? What are the die

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As a kidney disease, kidney failure is very harmful to the human body. What is the cause of kidney failure? What are the dietary taboos in patients with renal failure?

Renal failure will cause great harm to the patient's body and life, so many people want to know some knowledge about the causes of renal failure, in order to make prevention and nursing measures in daily life so cause specifically what is the cause of renal failure?

The reasons for renal failure include the following:

1, the kidney itself lesions

This type of renal failure is responsible for more than 70% of chronic renal failure, such as chronic glomerulonephritis, nephrotic syndrome, chronic interstitial nephritis, kidney stones, renal cysts, renal artery stenosis, renal tubular acidosis, etc.

2, the kidney itself caused by pathological changes

Etiology of renal failure, there are a lot of different opinions, but after all is due to their kidney tissue lesions, so a friend should actively do a good job in patients with nephropathy appear to prevent renal failure, timely treatment of kidney disease.

3, the cause of renal failure is due to lower urinary tract obstruction

If hypertrophy of prostate or tumor, urethral stricture, urethral calculus, nerve bladder function obstacle, cause secondary infection easily, bring about chronic kidney function failure repeatedly, make an appointment with 1/5.

4, systemic disease or poisoning can cause kidney failure

Systemic diseases can affect the kidney, leading to renal failure, such as long-term hypertension, diabetes, systemic lupus erythematosus, allergic purpura, pregnancy induced hypertension, cirrhosis, gout and heavy metals (lead, cadmium, lithium and other toxic nephropathy).

What are the dietary taboos in patients with chronic renal failure?

Diet should be light, avoid spicy stimulation

Patients with chronic renal failure due to toxin retention in the body, and blood microcirculation disorders are usually caused by gastrointestinal mucosal hyperemia, erosion, such as eating spicy food such as pepper, white wine, is likely to aggravate the gastrointestinal mucosa erosion, resulting in bleeding stomach lining of blood vessels.

Avoid hard food and fried food, appropriate diet

Patients with gastrointestinal mucosa of chronic renal failure often showed hyperemia, erosion, such as eating hard food, fried food such as fried doughnuts, easily lead to food in the stomach through the blood vessels and cause bleeding. Due to chronic renal failure and coagulation function in patients with bleeding obstacles, difficult to stop, this situation can easily lead to death.

Hair food should be cautious

Chinese medicine, mutton, dog meat, fish and shrimp for volatiles, easy to cause disease recurrence or aggravation of clinical eating dog did see patients with renal failure caused by systemic lupus erythematosus or chronic nephritis, lamb after illness, although it remains to be seen whether coincidence, but the chronic renal failure patients with or without eating this kind of food is well, this is the regulation of diet in patients with chronic renal failure, a need to pay attention to.


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