/Does uremic patient creatinine more than 700 have to be dial

Does uremic patient creatinine more than 700 have to be dial

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Most patients with kidney disease know that the limit of dialysis is creatinine 707.

But sometimes, even though the patient's creatinine has soared to 8900, it's still not dialysis, and only more than 500 of your creatinine will depend on the dialysis machine

In fact, the amount of creatinine used to determine whether the dialysis is not accurate, because there are many factors affecting the results of the blood creatinine test, especially the age, gender impact are great

"Fortune is a calamity, but misfortune is a blessing," he said. "Early dialysis is not necessarily a bad thing."

Maybe you can't help saying, "dialysis is beginning. What else is good?""

You just don't understand! Uremia, the appropriate time to begin dialysis, dialysis or peritoneal dialysis machine can use some discharge toxins, moisture, share the burden of residual renal function, residual renal function itself, but also some of the benefits of dialysis.

Moreover, the dialysis time is usually calculated according to the glomerular filtration rate. When the glomerular filtration rate is below 10ml/min, dialysis should be considered

There are some special cases, such as:

(1) were above 707, but without any symptoms of uremia, no complications, the urine volume is normal, there is no danger of water sodium retention and hyperkalemia, can delay the amount of dialysis.

(2) if creatinine, urea is not high, but there are serious lethargy, convulsions, bleeding tendency, high degree of edema, heart failure, etc., this situation even if creatinine urea is not high, also need dialysis

(3) diabetic nephropathy patients have more proteinuria and edema before dialysis, and they often begin dialysis earlier

(4) when there are serious complications, such as chronic oliguria, hypertension, anemia, even if the glomerular filtration rate is greater than 15ml/min or creatinine 707, we should start dialysis or emergency dialysis as early as possible

Therefore, dialysis is not a problem sooner or later, your physical condition and various inspection indicators are the key points!



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