/How can creatinine 700 be treated in renal failure?

How can creatinine 700 be treated in renal failure?

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Every kidney patient has one of the most worrying things: progress to uremia. Nephritis period is good, according to the doctor's treatment on the line, but to creatinine 700 this last hurdle, many patients panic - -

Without dialysis, doctors have dialysis, and dialysis can be life-threatening;

Dialysis in this life is bound to leave this heavy burden

Today I will help you understand the confusion here

When must dialysis be performed?

Creatinine is an inaccurate indicator, and it is not appropriate to use it as a standard of dialysis

From the experience of countless patients, the experts summed up 2 criteria for dialysis:

1. glomerular filtration rate is less than 5;

Between the 2. glomerular filtration rate in 5 - 10, and heart failure, hyperkalemia, acidosis.

If the patient reaches either of these 2, he must be dialysis

What time would be saved in uremia?

When the doctor suggests dialysis, does that mean the kidneys have not been saved?

This is not necessarily, the general judgment of uremia index is more than 707 of creatinine, that is, glomerular filtration rate is less than 15., and experts agreed that:

If the glomerular filtration rate can reach 10, the kidney is saved.

The filtration rate is less than 10, can also be saved, but most patients don't want to take a chance.

And filtration rate between 10 - 14, is the most tangled patient. Doctors have been diagnosed with uremia, it is recommended dialysis, but can continue to treat patients feel the body is also possible, there is no heart failure, so it is not willing to dialysis

Doctors only give medical advice, and as far as dialysis is concerned, the inpidual causes of the patient have a great impact

Need to know is that the glomerular filtration rate will generally be 3 to 5 annual rate of decline, so after the creatinine 700, left to patients tangled, consider the time is not much, long is ten months, short for dozens of days



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