/How does hypertensive kidney disease creatinine more than 70

How does hypertensive kidney disease creatinine more than 70

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Hypertensive nephropathy, is caused by hypertension and secondary renal disease. High creatinine, is a symptom of many kidney disease patients will appear. So how the treatment of hypertensive nephropathy creatinine more than 700? Here we invite relevant experts to introduce the disease, we hope to help!

Hypertensive nephropathy refers to hypertension caused by kidney disease, the age of onset of hypertensive nephropathy at the age of 25-45 and hypertensive renal damage caused by clinical symptoms of the age is 40-60 years. Hypertensive nephropathy for several years, now in dialysis, do creatinine or more than 700? The earliest symptoms may increase nocturia, reflect the renal tubule has occurred ischemic lesions, urinary concentrating function began to decline. Then the appearance of proteinuria showed that glomerular disease has occurred.

Hemodialysis is as renal replacement therapy in renal failure, uremia patients of hypertensive nephropathy. For several years, now in dialysis, do creatinine or more than 700? When the patient's condition worsens kidney disease progression to renal failure patients in clinical stage, will produce a series of symptoms and quality of life the problem of life and health of a serious threat to the patient.

At this time, treatment of patients with renal failure undergoing dialysis the renal replacement therapy, the patient can be stable in a short period of time the physical condition, to avoid emergency, severe complications occurred. However, from the analysis of characteristics of hemodialysis, hemodialysis only as renal replacement therapy in patients with renal failure, the accumulation of harmful substances in vivo temporarily removed.

If the renal lesion is not treated in the true sense, the patient will continue the deposition of toxins, requires constant hemodialysis instead of renal hypertensive nephropathy. Work for several years, now in dialysis, do creatinine or more than 700? With the damage of renal tissue area is more and more big, will more and more accumulation of toxic substances, hemodialysis time will continue to shrink, the kidney to gradually shrink, once the development costs. By this stage, kidney patients will end up on the road to dialysis, accelerate the end of life to come.

Through the above experts, you have high blood pressure, kidney creatinine more than 700 how to have a certain understanding of how to do it? Must not panic, and actively cooperate with doctors to treat kidney disease, then will soon recover!



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