/What if creatinine is above 700?

What if creatinine is above 700?

author:admin       pubdate:2017-08-22 11:36

If the creatinine reached more than 700 of what to do! Uremia is our most common kind of kidney disease, the harm is great. In the diagnosis of uremia in the standard, there is a creatinine index more than 700, it can be judged as uremia. At this time, for uremia need timely treatment, so as not to cause deterioration condition. So, for uremia have used what treatment method?

For the treatment of uremia, the doctor will according to the condition of the corresponding treatment. For example, chronic renal failure progression to uremia need renal replacement therapy. That is when the patient enters uremia period, patients with renal damage should be more than 90%, if the time has been delayed and not take replacement therapy, then toxin retention in vivo that will bring irreversible damage to other body organs, such as heart, digestive system, bones, blood system. And uremia is drug treatment can not cure the disease, there is no so-called cure urinary sepsis ". Therefore uremic patients with a ready-made panacea" should not hesitate to take timely renal replacement therapy.

In addition, for the relatively stable condition of patients, also do not need treatment for dialysis, through medication and diet control can be, but also to do dialysis. For example by the medical staff of pre dialysis education related content, make the patients fully understand the renal replacement therapy on the necessity and limitations, combined with their own conditions, family environment, working conditions, economic conditions for the choice of dialysis (hemodialysis or peritoneal dialysis); undergoing hemodialysis patients, at least 1 to 3 months for fistula surgery, with good long-term dialysis hemodialysis center. For peritoneal dialysis patients in advance 2 to 4 weeks to peritoneal dialysis catheter implantation.

If the creatinine reached more than 700 of what to do! When you appeared creatinine reached more than 700, please do not panic, do not produce negative thoughts, uremic patients at this time, as long as you keep a good attitude, and actively cooperate with medical treatment, treatment can be believed through rehabilitation.



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