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Creatinine more than 700, kidney failure natural treatment f

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Most patients with kidney disease know that the limit of dialysis is creatinine 707.

But sometimes, even though the patient's creatinine has soared to 8900, it's still not dialysis, and only more than 500 of your creatinine will depend on the dialysis machine

In fact, the amount of creatinine used to determine whether the dialysis is not accurate, because there are many factors affecting the results of the blood creatinine test, especially the age, gender impact are great

"Fortune is a calamity, but misfortune is a blessing," he said. "Early dialysis is not necessarily a bad thing."

Maybe you can't help saying, "dialysis is beginning. What else is good?""

You just don't understand! Uremia, the appropriate time to begin dialysis, dialysis or peritoneal dialysis machine can use some discharge toxins, moisture, share the burden of residual renal function, residual renal function itself, but also some of the benefits of dialysis.

Moreover, the dialysis time is usually calculated according to the glomerular filtration rate. When the glomerular filtration rate is below 10ml/min, dialysis should be considered

There are some special cases, such as:

(1) were above 707, but without any symptoms of uremia, no complications, the urine volume is normal, there is no danger of water sodium retention and hyperkalemia, can delay the amount of dialysis.

(2) if creatinine, urea is not high, but there are serious lethargy, convulsions, bleeding tendency, high degree of edema, heart failure, etc., this situation even if creatinine urea is not high, also need dialysis

(3) diabetic nephropathy patients have more proteinuria and edema before dialysis, and they often begin dialysis earlier

(4) when there are serious complications, such as chronic oliguria, hypertension, anemia, even if the glomerular filtration rate is greater than 15ml/min or creatinine 707, we should start dialysis or emergency dialysis as early as possible

Therefore, dialysis is not a problem sooner or later, your physical condition and various inspection indicators are the key points!

Dialysis is the biggest role in the clean-up of toxic and harmful substances in the blood, mainly to immune complexes, can replace the kidney, the implementation of detoxification work, the protection of organs throughout the body will not be damaged by excessive toxins in the body

Dialysis, however, is not perfect. On the contrary, hemodialysis can lead to many complications and make patients miserable

In addition to the improper operation of the pipeline, air embolism, coagulation in the pipeline or dialyzer, hemodialysis will cause some complications, which can be pided into two major categories: acute complications and chronic complications

1. acute complications

The acute complications of dialysis are usually caused by unexpected conditions such as the patient's physical condition and improper handling. Although the situation seems to be critical, if it is properly handled, the follow-up effect is relatively small

1, the first use of syndrome (allergic reaction)

More than a few minutes to 30 minutes after the beginning of dialysis, can be hot, difficult breathing, suffocation, sense of impending death, itching, urticaria, abdominal cramps, diarrhea and other symptoms

Solution: immediately stop dialysis, give anti allergy routine treatment, do not return the blood from the pipe and dialyzer to the body

2, the first use of syndrome (non-specific)

It often occurs in the beginning of dialysis for a few minutes to 1 hours. The main manifestations are chest pain and back pain. Attention should be paid to the differential diagnosis of angina pectoris, which may be related to the activation of complement

Solution: to strengthen observation, can continue to hemodialysis, oxygen inhalation and symptomatic treatment

3, imbalance syndrome (dialysis syndrome)

Because of the rapid decrease of solute concentration in the blood during hemodialysis, the osmotic pressure difference between the blood and brain tissue is caused. The use of high performance dialyzer, excessive ultrafiltration and excessive speed are the factors that contribute to the imbalance syndrome

Light people suffer from headaches, irritability, nausea, vomiting and muscle spasms. Severe disorientation can occur in the head, epilepsy and coma, often accompanied by changes in electroencephalogram (EEG). These symptoms can disappear within 30 minutes and have fatal reports

Solution: intravenous injection of hypertonic saline or hypertonic glucose solution may be used in the light of the patient. For long-term dialysis patients, the concentration of sodium in the dialysate should be increased to prevent it

4, dialysis hypotension

Occurred in the ultrafiltration volume excessive, insufficient blood volume, use of antihypertensive drugs, using acetate dialysis, dialysis diet etc.

Solution: to stop or reduce the ultrafiltration ultrafiltration rate, were placed in the Trendelenburg position, slowing blood flow, intravenous injection of saline.

5, dialysis hypertension

It is caused by excessive retention of water and sodium, improper capacity control, or elevated renin angiotensin

Solution: in severe cases, intravenous drip of sodium nitroprusside and other drugs

6, arrhythmia

The main causes of coronary heart disease, heart failure, electrolyte disturbance, uremic cardiomyopathy, anemia and hypoxemia. Because the serum potassium changes induced by calcium. Some patients because dialysis blood pressure drops, a decrease in coronary blood circulation.

Solution: adjust the Ultrafiltration Curve of potassium and calcium in time, adjust the blood pressure of patients, and protect the normal circulation of coronary artery

7, fever

Most of them are caused by heat source reaction or infection. After the start of dialysis, the pipeline is polluted immediately and 1 hours appear as a heat source reaction

The solution: dexamethasone, 5mg, intravenous drip, promethazine, 25mg, intramuscular injection

8 hemolysis

And the dialysate temperature is too high, due to improper concentrated dialysate and dialysis water ratio leads to a low degree of conductivity caused by hyposmolarity. As blood in blood were vinicolor, patients with chest pain, shortness of breath, back pain, decreased hematocrit, the plasma becomes pink.

Solution: immediately stop dialysis clipping line, not back to the blood, so as to avoid the occurrence of hyperkalemia.

2. chronic complications

Chronic complications of dialysis are due to chronic changes in the body's condition, which are not as dangerous as acute complications, but are more harmful in the long run

1, electrolyte, acid-base disturbance

The patient is often at metabolic acidosis because of reduced renal output. Hyperkalemia is a major adverse event in dialysis patients treated with ACEI

2, cardiovascular complications

Years of dialysis, easy for patients with dialysis hypotension or hypertension in dialysis and acute problems, different symptoms, cardiovascular problems caused by long-term dialysis conditioning more difficult, even for refractory hypertension drugs difficult to control, while the double nephrectomy example.

In addition, it can cause arrhythmia, heart failure and other complications

3, complications of the blood system

Complications such as coagulopathy, anemia, and low immunity are also common problems in long-term dialysis of renal patients

4, complications of the nervous system

Restless legs syndrome often make dialysis patients unbearable, the clinical manifestations are usually nocturnal sleep, lower limbs appear extreme discomfort, forcing patients kept walking legs or lower, resulting in serious sleep disorders in patients with this disease. Although there is no harm to life, but seriously affect the quality of life of patients.

5, dialysis related amyloidosis

This is the most common disabling complication in long-term hemodialysis patients. Amyloid deposits occur mainly in the bone, joints and surrounding soft tissues, leading to carpal tunnel syndrome, chronic joint disease, and recently pleural deposits

Terms of settlement:

Although hemodialysis can clean up toxic and harmful substances in the blood, it is not very good for a large number of immune complexes deposited in the kidneys

"One of the four traditional Chinese medicine therapy is to remedy the defect and use of traditional Chinese medicine" Qudu evil "," blood stasis "effect, to clean up the deposition of immune complexes in the kidney, and improve renal microcirculation, protect kidney cells, and can slow recovery of renal function.



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