/Creatinine reaches 700 kidney failure natural treatment

Creatinine reaches 700 kidney failure natural treatment

author:admin       pubdate:2017-08-21 15:11

For has progressed to uremia patients, most of the hospitals are taken to dialysis treatment. The dialysis are help for uremic patients on renal dialysis? Long time good? To solve these problems, the following brief introduction.

The serum creatinine level of more than 707 mu moI/L, belong to uremia. When patients progressed to uremia stage, serious complications will arise, heart failure, hyperkalemia, severe anemia will endanger the life safety of patients. The treatment measures of Western medicine application is including dialysis, hemodialysis and peritoneal the main role of dialysis. Effects of dialysis is equivalent to the artificial kidney, to replace kidney detoxification, the principle is by convection, diffusion, adsorption effect of toxin molecules in the blood discharge, and remove excess water, electrolyte and acid-base imbalance mediation. Plays an important role in the protection of patients the safety and treatment of complications of dialysis. But the effect is only to help the body detoxification, drainage, the kidney, and no repair treatment, and with dialysis As it continues, the remaining parts of the kidney function less and less and eventually disappear

So they can be found in patients with uremia, dialysis in urine before the situation can be, some patients even with normal urine volume were similar, but once after dialysis, there will be some patients with urine volume decreased rapidly, just a few months of dialysis, the amount of urine disappeared, this time, the basic function of the kidney has gone. The quality of life of patients with this condition as can be imagined, is very poor.

Experts remind friends to find the condition in patients with uremia, after not to rely purely on dialysis, can seek treatment as soon as possible, in the premise of kidney function and survival, is to protect the kidney function of residual treatment by Chinese medicine. The kidney is damaged, but not completely hardened by Chinese medicine treatment to glomerulus. Slowly restore their function, this can increase the rate of kidney filtration, greatly improve the patients' life quality and survival time.



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