The Distinctive Treatments of China to Treat Renal Disease

As we all know, Chinese medicine aims to help patients to cure the disease from the root, so many patients come to China from other countries. There are many characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine.

According to traditional Chinese medicine, though the diseased region is kidney, it has a close relationship with internal organ in body(namely heart, liver, lung, spleen and kidney), for our body is a whole and we must take actions as a whole view. Take our view only on kidneys and agree with “treat you head if you’re headache, treat you foot if it is pain” is really wrong, because it can only treat the disease superficially and not thoroughly. Especially for those chronic renal disease patients, various of their organs have been influenced and the illness state is complex, so it is difficult for them to cure their disease if only treat their kidneys thoroughly. Under this circumstance, by quoting China’s yin-yang and five elements, we can treat renal disease in a whole view, take our body as a whole symptom, resolve the current problems and eliminate the root causes ,combine supplement and diarrhoea.

When treating renal disease, facing with different patients, and the different stages of kidney disease, we have different treatments. That is to say, we pay more attention on every patients’ special illness stage and physical quality, take flexible treatments.

When treating renal disease, we use pure natural herbs that is growing in natural world, this can avoid the toxic and side effect of these synthetic drugs that is artificial. This medicine will not hurt livers or stomachs when the patients have treatments.

All these are belonged to our Traditional Chinese Medicine and this is also the reason why more and more people are glad to receive TCM. That is why more and more foreign patients come to China to accept our Chinese therapies.