/Often appear several major symptoms of nephritis

Often appear several major symptoms of nephritis

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There are many symptoms of nephritis, if you can early detection of the disease, you can early treatment. Nephritis patients have a lot, so after suffering from the disease we do not worry too much, positive treatment is the key to cure the disease, we do not lose the confidence to cure the disease.

1, urine changes: the symptoms of chronic nephritis, most of the urine output, less than 1000ml / day, a small number of nephritis patients may appear oliguria, often accompanied by edema; renal tubular dysfunction was more obvious, increased urine output, and Accompanied by nocturia, edema is not obvious, or even dehydration signs.

2, the central nervous system symptoms: nephritis patients may have headaches, dizziness, loss of appetite, fatigue, and so on, which is associated with hypertension, anemia, certain metabolic and endocrine disorders. This is also the symptoms of nephritis.

3, anemia: nephritis symptoms can be associated with renal secretion of erythropoietin reduction, resulting in red blood cell differentiation, maturity, release related to reduction.

4, other: nephritis symptoms can often occur due to high blood pressure, atherosclerosis, anemia and heart failure, long-term loss of urine protein, causing hypoproteinemia. Some patients with nephritis can be swollen, or high blood pressure, or recurrent as its outstanding performance, clinical habits of chronic nephritis is pided into common type, high blood pressure and acute attack type. But this type is not completely separated, often overlap and transformation.

Often appear several major symptoms of nephritis


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