/Can cyst on kidney cause uti?

Can cyst on kidney cause uti?

author:admin       pubdate:2017-07-31 10:00

Adult renal cyst is one of the most common structure of kidney abnormalities can be unilateral or bilateral, one or more generally, diameter of about 2cm, with a diameter of 10cm cyst is more common in men. With the increase of age, the incidence of simple renal cyst is more and more high, generally no symptoms, only when cyst compression caused by vascular occlusion or urinary tract obstruction can occur when the corresponding performance, which may influence the renal cyst. When more than 5cm, should make the appropriate treatment, including cystic fluid aspiration and intracapsular injection sclerotherapy or surgical treatment.

Renal cyst is not the cause of urinary tract infection, simple renal cyst is congenital or acquired, is still unknown. Its origin may be similar with polycystic kidney, but to differing degrees. There is no effective method for the treatment of renal cyst at the level of medicine. For small renal cysts, asymptomatic do not need to do any treatment, but should check regularly, observe whether the cyst continue to increase. No symptoms should be regular urine examination, including routine urine, urine culture, a kidney function test every six months to one year, including creatinine clearance rate. The infection is an important cause of the deterioration of the disease, so if necessary, do not recommend surgical treatment of urinary tract traumatic check. Large cyst or affect renal function,



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