/Can cyst in kidney cause blood in urine?

Can cyst in kidney cause blood in urine?

author:admin       pubdate:2017-07-31 09:40

Renal cyst will lead to blood in the urine, many patients with renal cyst worried about this issue, in fact, there are many causes of hematuria, so renal cyst will cause hematuria symptoms? Here by the author to answer everyone.

First, you should have a general understanding of the renal cyst. Renal cyst is a general kidney size level with the outside world is cystic masses. Common renal cysts can be pided into adult polycystic kidney, renal cyst and renal cyst. Peace may sound simple renal cyst is a congenital is abnormal, unilateral or bilateral renal cysts and round one or several size level with the outside world is not interlinked, mostly unilateral, so simple renal cyst. Acquired renal cyst, mainly because of uremia or after dialysis therapy had occurred, and the year has nothing to do with the time of hemodialysis relevant.

Adult polycystic kidney is a congenital genetic disease, renal cyst filled with thick circular size grade and countless outside the same, liquid sac containing small. The invisible to the naked eye, the tens of centimeters, so called polycystic kidney. As nocturia, low back pain, hypertension so, there is less urine hematuria, proteinuria, often slowly develop into chronic renal failure.

Renal cyst of kidney damage more than 3 centimeters, will cause kidney cyst compression renal ischemia and hypoxia, there are people can appear renal cyst rupture cases. Therefore this situation is very serious, it should be treated as soon as possible.

In general, hematuria is one of the most common symptoms of renal cysts, incidence of this serious situation as renal cyst and, in general, Niaoxue phenomenon is more serious, should be early to the hospital for treatment.



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