/Can cyst in kidney cause pain?

Can cyst in kidney cause pain?

author:admin       pubdate:2017-07-31 09:21

Renal cyst pain is a common symptom of renal cysts, renal cyst patients usually do not have what symptom, only through the B Ultrasound kidney inspection found long one or several cysts. Renal cyst is a cyst in renal pain may cause kidney or kidney oppression, and swelling of the surrounding tissues. Few people can also cause a long cyst. But both exist at the same time are rare. The cyst cyst wall is very thin, in order to clarify the sac with yellow liquid, mostly for the size of a walnut cyst. The causes of renal cyst is not very clear, generally thought to belong to kidney degeneration, thus the onset for the elderly. Small cysts without causing any symptoms recently. Because B Ultrasound check out widely, so that renal cyst is also increased.

The vast majority of renal cysts are not without symptoms. Some patients develop the following symptoms because of cysts themselves and increased intra cystic pressure, infection, etc.:

1, renal cysts, low back pain, abdominal discomfort or pain

2, the reason is that the enlargement of the renal capsule leads to the enlargement of the renal capsule and the pull of the renal pedicle or the compression of the adjacent organs

In addition, polycystic kidneys cause kidney water, becomes heavy, pull down, will cause the waist pain. The pain is characteristic of pain, dull pain, fixed on one side or both sides, and to lower back radiation. If the intracystic hemorrhage or secondary infection, will cause pain suddenly worsened. Such as the merger calculus of urinary tract obstruction or bleeding after blood clot, is renal colic.



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