/Renal cyst rupture need to do what

Renal cyst rupture need to do what

author:admin       pubdate:2017-07-30 16:39

Renal cyst is general not connected with the outside appearance of cystic lesions in the kidney. The common renal cyst as simple renal cysts, renal cyst and polycystic kidney cyst and so on. As time increases, and the increase will continue to oppress kidney cyst, make the kidney blood oxygen decreased, due to renal ischemia and hypoxia, increased the serum creatinine, causing renal failure, uremia, finally let you lost the kidney!

In many cases are likely to rupture can cause renal cysts, such as excessive compression, belt is too tight, violent activities and so on, which is the main cause of kidney cyst due to oppression caused by kidney ischemia and hypoxia. If not timely treatment for renal cyst rupture easily cause infection, cause inflammation, there will be severe bleeding secondary infection, even renal failure. Renal cyst after infection, the patient will usually show chills, fever, pain, sometimes accompanied by frequent urination, urgency or pain. In addition, found in the outpatient clinic, renal cyst rupture, the cyst is large, so for patients, early detection and early treatment, in order to avoid renal cyst rupture.


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