/Coffee And Polycystic Kidney Disease

Coffee And Polycystic Kidney Disease

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The idea that caffeine can cause progression of polycystic kidney disease goes deep into the hearts of many doctors, nutritionists and patients. Some statistics show that about 63% of patients with polycystic kidney disease have been told to limit or avoid caffeine intake

Caffeine is a central nervous stimulant that temporarily drives drowsiness away and restores energy. Caffeine, in general, contains tea, coffee, soft drinks and energy drinks

Open Baidu, search keyword "polycystic kidney" + "caffeine", the opinions of all experts are quite unified, all opposed

But it is understood that the anti caffeine intake of patients with polycystic kidney disease is based on a paper published in 2002

The results of this study were based solely on the in vitro cell culture experiments of kidney cells from 3 patients

Yes, there were only 3 cases, and it was cellular experiments!

Studies in rats and humans have concluded that caffeine is not associated with progression of polycystic kidney disease!

Based on data from 204 people (102 patients with polycystic kidney disease and 102 healthy people), an average daily 171mg of caffeine does not cause accelerated progression of the disease

Although one or two papers are not enough to whiten caffeine, at least patients with polycystic kidney disease do not need to talk about caffeine discoloration. A small amount of caffeine does not seem to be harmful

As far as daily caffeine intake is needed, not to mention the effect on the cyst, large amounts of caffeine can cause blood pressure to rise, which is one of the risk factors for kidney damage



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