/Can cyst in kidney be cancer?

Can cyst in kidney be cancer?

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Mention of renal cell carcinoma, most people know very little about, but this is not concerned of the disease, has become one of the fastest growing cancer. Statistics show that in 20 years the incidence of kidney cancer in China is increasing at 9.8% per year, which has become a common tumor of urinary system tumors in the human body, ten the most common malignant tumors. The urologist suggested, should adhere to the annual renal ultrasound examination over the age of 40, early detection of renal cell carcinoma, especially a bad life style and family history of renal carcinoma people should pay more attention.

Can nephritis kidney cyst develop cancer of kidney?

Hematuria, low back pain and lumbar and abdominal mass are three typical symptoms

According to reports, mostly unilateral renal cell carcinoma, with renal cyst, kidney stones, nephritis and other common diseases not related, does not transform each other, and are all uremic nephropathy development to end-stage renal failure. But Zhou Fangjian said, suffering from renal cyst of kidney disease should be treated actively, to prevent further development of disease. Irregular thickening of the wall, enhanced CT scan showed irregular cystic wall thickening of the renal cyst, need attention, some may be cystic renal cell carcinoma, and non benign cyst, easily give up or reckless conduct follow-up surgery is not desirable.

"As early as small renal cell carcinoma, local mass, rarely produce obvious symptoms, often lead to delayed diagnosis, hematuria, pain or palpable masses diagnosed, tend to have advanced." Zhou Fang insisted, "hematuria, lumbago and abdominal mass has been called the three typical the symptoms of renal cell carcinoma. When the three typical symptoms, renal carcinoma often has entered late, missed the best treatment time, cannot be cured"

Early kidney cancer can be cured if properly treated, but the ten year survival rate of patients with advanced stage disease will decrease markedly. Of the patients diagnosed with kidney cancer, 20% to 30% are advanced

At present, Chinese RCC patients with a high base, in which patients with advanced renal cell carcinoma occupy a considerable proportion. China's current public awareness of RCC is generally low, and the proportion of regular physical examination found early symptoms appear more low, to have lost the chance of cure, the prognosis is poor.

Experts point out that 90% of early kidney cancer can be cured

For the treatment of renal carcinoma, Zhou Fangjian said: "in the early surgical treatment of patients with ten year survival rate can reach more than 90%; for the advanced patients, the treatment effect is much worse, although there are now targeted drugs (against tumor angiogenesis and inhibit the proliferation of tumor cells can prolong the survival time) available, patients with advanced, but the cure target is still very far away, and the cost is expensive"

In the interview, he constantly stressed to reporters "no obvious symptoms or signs of renal cell carcinoma, but it is easy to be found early. With renal cell carcinoma of pancreatic cancer is not the same, then how to carefully check the pancreatic cancer can be difficult because the organ was found, the deep location. But in the ordinary kidney when physical examination is very easy to find, the B you can check out simple, and early renal cell carcinoma development is slow, there is enough time to let people find.


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