/Are cysts in kidneys dangerous?

Are cysts in kidneys dangerous?

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Renal cyst is a common term in the kidney size range is not connected with the outside of cystic masses of renal cysts can be pided into adult polycystic kidney simple renal cyst and renal cysts. Adult polycystic kidney is a congenital genetic disease kidney parenchyma with countless small varying with the outside world is not big with circular cyst containing liquid small eyes can not see the tens of CM is called polycystic kidney. For nocturia lumbago hypertension. Urine hematuria proteinuria less often slowly developed into chronic renal failure. There are 10% people with kidney stones, 30% of people with polycystic liver disease experienced doctors. Intravenous pyelography can be diagnosed by ultrasonography.
Scientific medication: in the doctor detailed diagnosis of double kidney cyst, according to the prescription medication, and the treatment effect is remarkable, must not be used regardless of the condition, so as not to achieve the expected double kidney cyst curative effect
In the diet of double renal cyst patients should pay attention not to eat salty (including pickled) do not eat spicy class (including pepper wine such as crabs) do not eat contaminated (including rotten leftovers etc.) do not eat barbecue and renal dysfunction or uremia should also pay attention to the beans and their products don't eat animal food restrictions high protein foods such as oily.
Pay attention to the rest of renal cysts and avoid strenuous physical activity and abdominal trauma renal swelling obviously should use a sling instead of a belt to avoid cyst rupture; renal cysts were generally reviewed once half a year (including blood pressure, urine routine and renal function; b) to avoid all nephrotoxic drugs; relatives (parents and siblings and children) for B I wish you early rehabilitation.



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