Children with nephrotic syndrome get rid of the disease

See him you will never believe that the disease so close to him, in the ward moment with his lively figure, with his smiling face, but he also don't know what's the matter with you, but my mother every day cry tears of have told what children because we came to here.

Wang xiaowei is a hebei man who was diagnosed with nephrotic syndrome in 2012 when he discovered the intermittent double eyelid and double lower extremities. After confirmed the use of hormone treatment, intermittent check and discontinuation after one and a half years, I have again and again, during the treatment effect is not so obvious, he learned about our kidney disease treatment is more authoritative, soon to come to see a doctor.

Small wei was thorough inspection to the hospital after the first results in the diagnosis of nephrotic syndrome Normal renal function, though small wei did not reach the symptoms of a serious point, also cannot treat STH lightly, but the treatment kidney disease is a stubborn disease, a bit not pay attention to the consequences may cause one to chronic, disease of yu xiaowei, the attending physician, zhang adopted combine traditional Chinese and western medicine treatment of traditional Chinese medicine effective slow but can undertake recuperating, fundamentally the western medicine can effectively control stability condition, the final treatment combined with each other to achieve.

During the next two months in hospital, Dr. Zhang, the attending physician, visited the house every day to learn about the condition of xiao wei's condition. During treatment, small wei symptoms improved markedly, the stable vital signs, heart lung abdominal physical examination did not see apparently unusual, facial edema disappeared, double lower limbs swelling lighter, at the end of the length of hospital stay in a small way of eating sleep, other physical features performance is good, the body recovers, Chinese medicine osmosis treatment finally let lil again before childlike innocence.

Although wei has been discharged from the hospital after recovering, the hospital's TCM penetration treatment continues and will continue to consolidate treatment to ensure better results.