kidney hospital expert group went to Oman hospital for techn

Our expert group went to Oman hospital for technical exchange

February 2017, Shiwei dean leaded the expert group to go to the Oman kidney disease hospital for technical exchange.

During the visit, the expert team held a Chinese medicine lecture for Oman kidney disease hospital, and made a detailed explanation of the traditional Chinese medicine treatment and research in nephropathy aspects for the Oman doctors, and the method and matters needing attention.

Because of his exchange, not only the local patients obtained high level treatment, domestic first-class medical experts, and received a warm and caring,  but also made  Oman Hospital has a higher level understanding of traditional Chinese medicine in the treatment of kidney disease.

Our hospital is a integrated hospital of traditional Chinese medicine seting medical, teaching, scientific research, prevention and rehabilitation as one. Inheriting thousands of years of history and culture of the tradition of Chinese medicine, refering the international medical excellence, while provides health care for the people, strengthen the public health service. In our hospital, we adhere to the " hundred times to cherish life care, hundred years interest to build a harmonious hospital", builting kidney disease Chinese medicine hospital to be a research-based traditional Chinese medicine hospital with public trust, government satisfaction and social identity, becoming excellent brand.