Foreigners across the ocean to TCM nephropathy

"China's traditional Chinese medicine looks like coke, and for the first time, I asked the nurse to give me a straw, but the nurse told me to drink it." In the hospital of kidney disease hospital from Spain with Fernando quips, really want to add some sugar.
Fernando 8 years ago suffering from chronic glomerulonephritis, due to the long-term business trip to Panama, the United States and other countries, has also been received western medicine treatment for treatment did not achieve satisfactory results, but let him physically and mentally exhausted. At the beginning of February this year, he happened to see in Facebook, a Bangladeshi same patients in the hospital for treatment of traditional Chinese medicine when the photos, he thought Chinese mysterious Chinese medicine.
Under the advice of the Bangladeshi patient, he sat for more than a dozen hours of aircraft and high-speed rail, hoping to use traditional Chinese medicine to cure the disease.
In the kidney hospital, 64 year old Fernando sitting on the bed, being of TCM medicine. Because of the long-term Fernando protein loss to the hospital, accompanied by hypertension, respiratory tract infection and other complications, the hospital is not only equipped with the backbone of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine for Fernando, also added a nurse, the treatment group composed of translation. During hospitalization, the treatment time, the doctor was Fernando acupuncture and moxibustion, and Chinese medicine foot bath, massage, fumigation and acupoint ironing and other application characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine treatment.
"There are a variety of pathological types of chronic nephritis, is a group of primary glomerular disease, because Fernando sick a long time, abroad received western medicine treatment progress is slow, the hospital is already early renal damage." The doctor in charge of Zhang Bin Fernando said, because the traditional Chinese medicine without any side effects and adverse reactions, fundamentally symptomatic conditioning of the liver and kidney, renal blood circulation, restore the damaged natural cell injury, "the patient recovered quickly,
After treatment, Fernando hypertension, respiratory infections and other complications disappeared, the disease has been recovered. "I hope we can have a" coke "in a hospital in spain." Fernando said.
In recent years, more and more foreign patients in the hospital received the same way, the sea like Fernando Chinese is to come to accept Chinese medicine treatment. Chinese medicine, acupuncture, Du moxibustion and medicinal bath, foot bath of Chinese medicine fumigation acupoint application of traditional Chinese medicine treatment of kidney disease treatment of foreign patients highly favored.
"7 years ago, the International Department of the hospital treatment of foreign patients first from Dubai, treatment can give patients the best protection, but because of the language barrier, has caused some difficulties, then please is temporary in the travel agency Arabic translation." The president of the hospital said that the patient returned home and suggested that other patients to accept traditional Chinese medicine treatment, prompted the hospital is determined to develop the International Department, to provide medical services for foreign patients.
Shi Wei introduction, the hospital will be the needs of patients as a development roadmap, practice is to allow more people to know the Chinese medicine, understanding of traditional Chinese medicine, benefiting from the core values of traditional Chinese medicine. "Let the people of the world enjoy the development of traditional Chinese medicine is the vision of the hospital, the hospital continued to inherit and carry forward the traditional Chinese medicine culture, combined with the actual clinical experience, and constantly innovate the theory of modern Chinese medicine treatment. "In effect Internet plus the traditional Chinese medicine, has been further promoted, there will be more foreign friends to use Chinese medicine to eliminate diseases, to experience the magic of the efficacy of Chinese medicine."
In order to allow more foreign patients to be more convenient to enjoy the medical services of Chinese medicine, the hospital specializes in providing airport shuttle, one to one translation services. According to statistics, the International Department of the hospital for 138 countries to provide friends with traditional Chinese medicine consulting, including nearly more than and 80 countries, thousands of patients to hospital for treatment of Chinese medicine.