The road to recovery of chronic nephritis

6 years ago, one day, unfortunately, I was diagnosed with kidney disease, and the disease may eventually develop into uremia, in order to avoid this terrible disease becomes a reality, since then began a long road to treatment. Lucky last year has been successfully recovered, here to record the general treatment process, hoping to help patients with this disease. (after a long time, no time to see the final summary) In October 2009, after several months (tired easily tired, thought did not sleep well, not too concerned,) woke up feeling the whole scalp, eyelid edema, limb weakness. After lunch also began to vomit, then that may eat the wrong things cause gastrointestinal discomfort, then to leave home to rest. But on the second day, eyelid edema is more serious, can not be completely open, and limbs hemp, did not dare to drag, then rushed to a nearby hospital to see a doctor, the doctor had a still quite experienced, did not do other tests, we arranged for me to go pee. Sure enough urine protein plus 3, the doctor concluded that need nephritis hospitalized. I was very afraid of nephritis, because nephritis can cause kidney failure. At the hospital, the doctor told us directly, they have no technology to confirm what kind of kidney disease, let us transfer. Then a few days later, and went to a three hospital kidney specialist doctors in order to find out what kind of kidney disease, kidney do wear after surgery arrangements for 6 days, six days in all fluids, primarily diuretic and anti-inflammatory drugs. A very strange symptoms of the disease, is a drink of water, can not be excreted through the urine, such as eat or drink 1 liters of water, a normal person would row 1 liters of urine out, but the disease can only discharge 200-300 ml out (or even less), the rest will stay in various places in vivo, the formation of edema. So, a day after the onset of weight is increasing, although the hospital every few days to play a diuretic, can take some urine, but the effect decreased by day, and the medicine itself on renal side effects are not good, did not dare to use. So, the weight quickly increased from 45 kg to 50 kg, the body is sick, also more than ten pounds of water in the body, walk a few steps are asthma, chest tightness. The operation that day, there are a dozen people to do the surgery, but only after the results of I (IGA glomerulonephritis nephrotic syndrome) were treated with another available hormone, other people because of different diseases, the doctor recommended conservative treatment or kidney transplant or long-term hemodialysis (i.e. no medicine can cure). After surgery a lot of poor physical condition, often vomiting, can not eat much. And detection of the acute renal failure, serum creatinine more than and 400, doctors do not recommend immediate use of hormones, such as cultivation needs stable state after use, because no treatment in the hospital, and are not used to living, so the choice of home culture. Home just started also restored a lot, but a few days of deterioration, taking into account the method, hormone also is not a cure so, the choice of a combination of Chinese and Western medicine hospital, to see whether there are better ways. The hospital began to use acupuncture point acupuncture method, to help me stop for many days of vomiting, so that I can eat something, slowly restored some physical strength. But in the end the doctor also confirmed the need for the use of hormone therapy, no way to cure the disease alone. Therefore, the need for training, such as creatinine after normal use of hormones. My weight has been increased to 65 kilograms, that is, increased by almost 40 pounds of weight, the water is all places in various body, eyes like being swollen like, basically left a crack, shoulders and press down a pit, playing up. 10 days later, acute renal failure finally receded, creatinine returned to normal, you can use hormone. In the use of hormones for more than and 10 days, began to take effect, to run a lot of toilet every day, row 7000-8000ml urine, weight is also returned to normal after 3-4 days, and finally like a personal sample. After living for more than a month, finally be discharged. Later on the Internet to check a lot of information, know that hormones not only have many side effects, and the recurrence rate is very high, so has been looking for other treatment methods. Eat hormone in more than a year, people grow strong, will face many fat, but the urine protein has been hovering at 2 +, the doctor gave to the auxiliary medicine Tripterygium Wilfordii Hook, the drug can cause menopause, but I have a child, so it is not too concerned about the disease, cure again. This medicine can be added after the urine protein is hovering in 1 + or +, is still not completely eliminated, so the hormone still can not stop, the doctor doesn't know when is the head, can only maintain. In desperation, the husband heard a dozen relatives and relatives of Chinese medicine, helped them and healed leg problems, feeling good, so went to try. Probably went to see 3, 15 days after eating Chinese medicine, urine protein was negative, then began to gradually stop hormone, people also gradually returned to normal. Then go to the doctor to see that a few times to eat in menopause to Tripterygium wilfordii optimistic, when everyone slowly forget this thing, one day and found self urine protein 2 +. At that time, due to the recurrence of nephritis? Think after treatment will feel afraid, do we need to do a kidney biopsy, so this time I choose to try traditional Chinese medicine. The same doctor, had about 1 months of urine protein drugs, nothing changes, but the body began to appear signs of edema, this is not a good sign, then change to another Chinese person that, in recent years have seen him sick, just do not want to find relatively far away from home he now, no way, only to the. The doctor asked the general situation and take the pulse, said about 2 years to fully recover, it looks a bit unexpected, but think of the pain of surgery, and the like to eat hormone like this or PigHead, accept point, then take medicine start treatment. The first 7 medication to drink, people did not feel any change, no increase in edema did not subside. However, 3 bowls of medicine to drink every day, if you do not play in the past when the diuretic, which can swell up to almost 10 pounds Oh, about 7 days. So, this gives me the confidence to continue treatment for a long time. Drink medicine at the same time, every day I began to adhere to the practice of Simplified Tai chi. Later to visit, the doctor saw the swelling inconspicuously adjusted the prescription. This drink the medicine a lot of diarrhea, the effect is the same as before, the appetite is slightly better, down a little edema. Eat and then to visit, to see a doctor wonder, why haven't swelling, this situation points to his surprise, I also very helpless. But he told me not to give up, to be patient. So, write me a prescription and say that if this vein, syrup is not swollen away, may be hormone. I have a heart thump look, my mother. I don't want to use hormones! Because it is twenty-eight years, his assistant a holiday, no one playing computer prescription, handwritten prescription will go directly to go outside it. The pharmacist has some words don't know let me ask the doctor, the doctor after the control, and then pay the price. Back home to drink this medicine, because before drinking so much medicine, edema is still not how to disappear, the heart is very anxious. Every day in addition to Tai Chi and diamond power, began chanting. Because her husband is a devout Buddhist, let me chant, but usually not lazy do, now the heart has been seeking, what methods are willing to try. He began to read the mantra "medicine", and then bowed repentance, repent of their misdeeds, and free to donate money for a statue of buddha. Drink seventh doses of medicine, began to increase the amount of urine, after the end of the fourteen doses of edema disappear almost, only a little swollen ankle. Edema and a lot of spirit. I have not been idle start to look at the doctor's prescription and computer out of control after the old prescription, the doctor said the prescription, I can understand the old doctor's words, a drug a drug control, find out the problem. The three old doctor has written the prescription "Polyporus this medicine," but only third times before this medicine, two times before he hit the computer assistant prescription is "catchweed". I then realized that he had "assistant Polyporus" in "catchweed" this medicine. So, why not eliminate diarrhea and edema in front of it is probably due to the wrong medicine. The lucky holiday his assistant, is not responsible, at the same time, think it is not the Buddha, Buddha bless ah. Return to the hospital visit, the doctor saw I was very happy to edema disappear completely. I am also happy, but also with the patient to share my condition, enhance the confidence of other patients. Therefore, the elimination of edema and actually used almost 1 and a half months time, when the most serious edema, swollen like 10 pounds, compared to the last fight when 40 pounds of diuretic swelling, or much stronger, and that is the strict control of drinking water, every time want to drink all take a spoon a spoon, do not dare to drink. Thirsty killing. And this basically did not control the water, people can go to the hospital, do not have to stay in hospital, I feel a lot better. The edema disappeared, the body is agile, daily exercise is also a little more, I am practicing Tai Chi Kong, afternoon, evening worship "eighty-eight Buddhas of confession", drink every day to read them several times "mantra" disease, found the body ah, every day to see some books to learn some medical good knowledge, to raise their own good. Through their own careful maintenance with the doctor's treatment, the body slowly get better, edema is not repeated, spare time can also take care of the children to take care of the housework. During this period, every two months to do a urine test, only the results or 2-3 +. Although the heart is a little anxious, but the mentality is relaxed than before, tell yourself to slowly. Through the first half of the rest, and almost all recovered to normal people and not dizzy, no fatigue, no backache, sleep has improved, the human spirit is good. I thought there was a year and a half did not return home, the father often called to ask about the condition is very worried, just the child can also take the summer vacation back home to visit his father. When a visit I asked the doctor, my body can return home. The doctor said you can, your body recovered well, is to pay attention not to catch a cold. So he opened the medicine for 20 days and brought me home. Back home to see his father, he looked at me well treatment also put down the heart. I said that the body is now basically restored, that is, urine protein. The father remembered when mother before the hospital, a patient said to eat a kind of herbal medicine can turn urine protein down, just do not know how to treat edema. This is the opposite of my situation, I want to try after listening to it, so the father went to pick some back to me to drink water. What kind of herbal medicine is this? I checked the Internet, called "red is green with Ti basic, non-toxic. I am also assured to drink, drink anyway, I do not dare to try anything basic drugs. Boiled water to drink with nine leaves and leaves al a piece of pig meat on every side. After about nine days, I tested it with a test paper! This is a display of urinary protein negative, some do not worry, second days to measure, three days of continuous measuring results are the same, are negative, although the result is very good, but still feel uneasy. Come back from home, there is no herb, nor drink. A few days later to the hospital to visit, the way to do a urine test to confirm. The results surprised me, or even three plus, it makes me feel frustrated! Take the results to the doctor, and then the doctor said I ate the leaves and in the home inspection, doctors found that herbal Never mind and the disease, looked at me and said, but it does not matter, I try to open a party, don't worry, insist on. Or this sentence. Well, I also not discouraged, holding ten medicine home continue to drink, since the last of his assistant, husband always told to check the good medicine just to drink, so every time I have your drug list checked, the medicine correspondence was assured of suffering and use, there is no such a wrong the drug also keep zhaozui. Later, his father asked the phone. I talked to my father about it, and my father thought it might not be enough. In addition, the father has a friend who works in a hospital, said red peanut peanut skin can cure chronic nephritis proteinuria, and so the herbs also send two bags of peanuts to my skin. At that time also eager to cure regardless of the consequence, after the doctor prescribed herbal drink every day, just round the boiled red Zhu Qiao leaves and peanut skin water to drink, drink boiling water when thirsty to drink. At that time I drink water and medicine are the basic mantra mantra "bless yourself", just over a month! Once again, the result is very good, urine test, urine protein was negative! The doctor examined the result is very unexpected, so fast on the negative, the recovery was good. But still insist on taking medicine, check once a month, three times after the basic stability, while not cold. So he ate three months (during this period did not have medicine conditioning father sending medicine), to mid January this year to visit, the urine is still normal, the doctor is also very happy to say, now you can not take medicine again, but you are too skinny, I now give you the medicine. Fifteen agent nourishing your body long meat, eat no problem what do not need to look at. So as to cure the disease as long as the attention is good, basically no recurrence. The doctor looked at the disease for thirty or forty years, should not be comforted that only. But from their own feeling, now than before the sick are better, easily tired before, easy to catch a cold, cold, sleep is not good, easy dream. Now these have improved, good physique, of course, it is not easy to get sick. After a year and a half of Chinese medicine, and now finally recovered. The patient, who was diagnosed with me, was very happy and happy for me, and strengthened their confidence. Summary: 2 times after the onset of a completely different treatment of the two stages, a western medicine, a Chinese medicine. The first is the first confirmation of Western medicine, disease to need kidney puncture surgery, I had surgery, state a lot worse, but they don't do drugs, but even to do the surgery, not all disease have a cure, only a lot of conservative treatment, such as kidney dialysis at the same time. Then the edema is the use of diuretic effect, but with the increase in the number of effect is getting worse, unable to restrain edema, weight increasing, people do not state, unable to move freely, basically in the hospital. The side effects of hormone therapy are very large, which may induce various other diseases, such as necrosis of femoral head. And the probability of recurrence, to see the data on the Internet seems to be 70% of the recurrence rate (not clear, for reference only). Because the hormone was only temporary, not permanent. 1 and a half years to return to normal (the last to eat Chinese medicine to help restore), the cost of my own hospital during an average of about $1000 a day, lived for more than and 30 days. Eat hormone phase 50 yuan per day. The second is the Chinese medicine, urine or blood creatinine in addition to the basic no other examination, direct drugs, edema control is very good, most of Western medicine treatment at the most 1/4, and do not control the daily amount of water. More than 1 months after the swelling, basically they go to the hospital, without hospitalization, life can take care of themselves. Is about 1 and a half years to return to normal, the average cost of about $70 per day. Finally, I drink herbal medicine, not sure whether it is effective, but no harm to me, we look at the situation to decide whether to try. No chance of recurrence after the cure, the doctor said the vast majority of patients will not relapse, and the personal feeling of the body is better than in the past. The risk of recurrence is much lower than that of hormone therapy. Therefore, it is recommended that you try to find a doctor, I have a good look at the past few years, some of the characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine to tell you, to facilitate people to find their own good medicine. First of all, take the pulse is very serious, in addition to ask the illness, will not do other distractions, and take the pulse time is longer, usually 30 seconds or so, depending on the condition and different. Both hands to take the pulse. If this is not the case, mostly fake Chinese medicine, even if there is a level, can not do the above points, out of the drug effect will not be good. In addition, really good Chinese medicine will not be too concerned about money, the heart is used in the money, the physical nature of the pharmacology less. Some of the registration fee is very expensive, or very expensive drugs, or without herbs, open more expensive particles or plaster do, the general effect is not good. Finally, the most important of course is the curative effect, is medicine to drink, to see a good response, if there are symptoms, medication should be up to 5, have good effect for 5 days, if not, you don't have to look at the. Unless the doctor in the past that, optimistic about other diseases, it can also try again, no effect must be a doctor. Of course, there are some symptoms of the disease can not be like this, such as diabetes, eat 10 drugs is not see what effect. It's best to find relatives and friends to inquire, the doctor had exactly about to try, it can improve the success rate, we have seen almost more than and 20 Chinese, finally a good 2-3 is recommended by an acquaintance, his luck is not good. In addition, I also added some useful methods of Dharma in the rehabilitation process, interested if we can try to know more about this forum, recommend hidden problems for everyone. Finally, I hope you can recover as soon as possible.