Age: 48

Gender: female

Country: India

Diagnosis: Lupus Nephritis, Chronic Renal Insufficiency, Stage 5 CKD, Renal Anemia

Three years ago she consulted doctors in her local hospital last year and was diagnosed with lupus nephritis,chronic renal insufficiency and stage 5CKD.

Clinical features at that time:fever,systemic milium,nausea, vomit and exhaustion and renal anemia. Serum creatinine of 11mg/DL, hemoglobin of 72g/L, urine protein+, positive antinuclear antibodies and positive anti-double strand DNA antibody.

Treatment she received in her place:dialysis and other conventional treatment like blood pressure control, elements supplementation of iron and red blood cells.

However,after a period of time of treatment,she felt little effect.

To get rid of dialysis and take further remedy,she came to our hospital on May 3rd, 2012 for the first time. Our expert arranged an new test for her. She was detected with hemoglobin of 72g/L, serum creatinine of 538umol/L, BUNof 25.7mmol/L.

Treatment she receive in our hospital:Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy,superadd several kind of adjuvant therapy like oral detox drug. After a period of time,her serum creatinine decline to 300-350umol/L. What’s more,those negative complications disappear and she need not receive dialysis any more.

“ I am really excited that Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy give me a new life without dialysis any more”.