Name: Mahmud
Gender: Male

Country: Irag

Kidney disease: PKD

Before come to our hospital:

Mahmud have already get PKD with several years. He go to many hospitals in his local hospital,but the answers are same,namely have no effective treatment and to control the disease and he may get kidney failure finally. He have to have have drugs to control his high blood pressure only. Since receive no effective treatment,his illness condition develops more and more serious,and his high blood pressure rise to 150/90mmHg,that made him feel weak all day long. During this period of time,he received a test and found that his creatinine level have rise to 370.

After come to our hospital:

The first time he came to our hospital is December, 2013.

To get more effective treatment,he came to our hospital and stay in our hospital for about one month. During this period of time,our expert first give him an examination thoroughly and then made a a treatment plan for him,namely seven TCM therapies. And the main one is Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy,which can help stop the growing of kidney cysts and shrink the big kidney cysts. Moreover,it can help repair the damaged kidney tissues and improve the kidney function.

During a period of treatment,his illness was controlled effectively. His serum creatinine level is reduced to 320, and his blood pressure declines to 120/80 mmHg. His life quality also improved well. When leaving of our hospital,he can have a nice sleep everyday and can walk around of water part for one hour in the day. All of us are happy for him.