Kidney transplant


Relatives kidney: around 130 thousand

Exogenous kidney: 300 thousand


1, the above does not include the handling of serious complications;

2, after the first year needs 40-100 thousand, then every year needs 20-80 thousand;

3, it is not 100% successful, if fail to spend more money;

4, need to prepare for full funding.

"Survival time"

One year survival rate was 90%, the five-year survival rate is 60%, ten year survival rate is only 1%;And adopt conservative treatment of uremia, patients 10 year survival rate can reach 40%.



1, does not need to go on dialysis;

2, less food and water restrictions;

3, the most like hisself kidney...


1, the right kidney is not easy to find;

2, there are risks of surgery failure;

3 there are risks of kidney rejection, life is not long;

4, need to take medicine every day, and these medicines have side effects;

5, more vulnerable to infection.