What are the TCM methods of nephrotic syndrome?

Basic information:

Male, 39,

Illness description:

Now they knew that they had nephrotic syndrome, everyone let me early treatment, but, I don't know with what method cure


Condition analysis:

TCM pathogenesis of nephrotic syndrome, the main clinical manifestations is edema. Therefore more commonly according to the "edema" recorded in the TCM theory and practice for research. About the edema pathogenesis of nephrotic syndrome, mainly relate to the lung, spleen, kidney metabolism disorder.Because of the attacks, lung of the section, the descending department, can appear facial edema, or increase the original edema caused by deficiency of spleen, kidney;Can't operation, the water moisture retention pixu (spleen deficient) can also be edema;Kidney not gas, can be swollen, to wet water retention, and therefore the JingYue encyclopedia "swelling", said: "every card such as edema, is the disease of the lung spleen kidney coherent, and water to Yin, so its in the renal; hydration in the gas, so its in the lungs, but fear of soil water, so the system in the spleen".