Nephrotic syndrome nephritis kidney disease

Basic information:

Male, 3

Illness description:

For the first time in the treatment appears eyelid edema;But it can automatically eliminate;Less urine;poor appetite;drink less;There is no protein in urine


Condition analysis:

Hello, is there any other in the treatment of chronic kidney disease syndrome, such as traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) or give the combined therapy of Chinese and western, etc., but remind patients, in the process of treatment, also need more rest, avoid overworked, stay up late, prevent colds, light health diet , enhance immunity, etc., symptomatic treatment and pay attention to life is the same important.Nephrotic syndrome treatment goal is to improve the glomerular filtration membrane barrier function, reduce urinary protein, correct the pathological physiological abnormalities, prevent or delay the process of renal fibrosis, protect renal function.